Looking for others to suggest games from my backlog that they really enjoyed. MrJohnnyTwoShoes’ profile

I’ve been a gamer since the Apple IIc.
I prefer strategy over FPS and coop over PvP.
I am burned out from original WoW hardcore raiding and don’t want that again. :P

Beat Saber

41.6 hours, 26 of 26 achievements
A virtual reality game using two light sabers to smash colored note patterns like a Sith lord while the music feeds your soul.

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Hugely fun and entertaining and the core music packs are good, but if they're not your style there are tons of DLC from popular artists and even tons more free custom songs made by fans. If you enjoyed Guitar Hero or Rock Band you will likely love this. I was always quickly bored during cardio exercise but now I try to play Beat Saber every day for an hour or so and it burns about 600 estimated calories and it's great fun. My current skill level on YouTube. I also recommend getting it on the PC, as well as the YUR fitness tracker on Steam(free). Lots of modding available as well.

This War of Mine

57.2 hours, 55 of 55 achievements
A somber, serious game about civilians trying to survive when war breaks out in their city.

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Heard so much about this game I bought the full bundle. I wouldn't call it 'fun' but it does make you think of things you take for granted. The game revolves around securing a shelter and scavenging for supplies from nearby locations in the city, while avoiding any 'bad guys' who want your stuff or want to prevent you from taking their stuff. You don't play some gun toting hero, more like some regular joe who is desperate to get some food or medicine or the like and winter is coming…

Scourge: Outbreak

21 hours, 43 of 43 achievements
Another third person shooter where another lab experiment goes awry and pew pew ensues.

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Older game I finished solo back in 2016 and left the MP achieves for another time because it was rather dead. Well today it all came together with a 4 player team and we knocked the rest of the achieves out in about 15 minutes. Overall it has a Gear of War vibe and it was okay. Four player co-op (with bots if needed). Not bad, not great either. Short campaign maybe 15 hours and another 6 for all achieves.

Surviving Mars

228.0 hours, 70 of 80 achievements
Very enjoyable colony sim if/until you are self-sufficient, then you "win" and will likely start new game. Haven't seen any bugs but I don't have last DLC which I heard has some issues.

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

23.8 hours, 41 of 41 achievements
Really a choose your own adventure type narrative, but with narrow choices through a linear story. Well done but not my type of game. Great book.

FRAMED Collection

4.0 hours, 18 of 18 achievements
Comic book style spy chase. Order and align the panels correctly in each screen to advance to the next without getting caught. Nice jazzy soundtrack.