Beat Saber

41.6 hours, 26 of 26 achievements
A virtual reality game using two light sabers to smash colored note patterns like a Sith lord while the music feeds your soul.

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Hugely fun and entertaining and the core music packs are good, but if they're not your style there are tons of DLC from popular artists and even tons more free custom songs made by fans. If you enjoyed Guitar Hero or Rock Band you will likely love this. I was always quickly bored during cardio exercise but now I try to play Beat Saber every day for an hour or so and it burns about 600 estimated calories and it's great fun. My current skill level on YouTube. I also recommend getting it on the PC, as well as the YUR fitness tracker on Steam(free). Lots of modding available as well.


I love Beat Saber! I should get around to playing it again.
Watching that video, although that particular song is not Expert+, it has some tricky parts that don’t really flow as well as other songs (so is a lot harder to get into the flow), so you did great!


That’s an interesting footnote. Difficulties in Beat Saber are only related to each song, so Easy on one song could be harder than Expert on another. That took a bit to understand.