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Spiders make some really interesting classic bioware style games, always liked them and this is no exception. The world is really cool as always but this time i could really feel myself like a conquistador exploring wild new lands with wild new people and magic that i couldn’t understand. My biggest gripe with this and all spiders’ games is that they need more budget, their games have a lot of potential but cut corners al around specially with animations and that makes the world feel more gamey than it needs too, someday i hope spiders gets a proper budget and development time and we will have an excellent game


Pretty simple but fun turn based zombie survival game.

Demon Turf

This is a great 3d collect-a-thon platformer, the moveset is really great and the control is spot on, the music is GREAT, the characters are cool, there is a great amount of challenge but is not overbearing. The amount of care that this game has is amazing, there are a LOT of objectives and collectibles and all of them are fun to get, the combat is really fun, boss fights specially, there are also a lot of cool easter eggs and references and secrets.
I recommend this game to everyone that even has a passing interest in 3D Platformers

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Damn was this frustrating but also very rewarding and thought-provoking. I really felt a sense of accomplishment once i reached the top of the slope, play it but take your time don’t push it you will end up angry and frustrated

Graveyard Keeper

Really great management sim / stardew valley like game, it consumed my life for the past two weeks or so, once you get past the first couple of days the flow of the game gets really quick and really rewarding, really enjoyed my time with it though i feel the story even tho interesting is kinda hollow, maybe sequel baiting?

Cult of the Lamb

Pretty fun roguelite with a great artstyle it also has a good foundation for good lore but sadly it is
not developed :c

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Pretty good platformer a bit easy but fun enough and it has a lot of really neat references to the show, if you have any amount of nostalgia for spongebob squarepants you will like it, the music is also really good

Fallout 4

I like this game i really do but as a fan of the fallout series it feels like a husk of what could and should have been an awesome entry in the fallout series, its all there interesting locales, characters, plotlines and questlines, weapons, all of it is good but its all just frosting over a cake made of nothing, it doesnt develop any quests more than the bare minimum it has to, like for example i just finished a murder mystery mission in the Far Harbor DLC and you found out that [SPOILER] the wife of a character has been murderded and you kill the murderer very loudly the narrative feedback for this action by the husband and every other character in this Clue mansion is things like “That sounded intense” or “That was some commotion” and these are people that have known each other for more than 200 years! (no time to explain). I want to hear what these people have to say, damn it! This is supposedly a role playing game! [/SPOILER] and yes after you finish some quest the results from them will be announced by Travis in Diamond City Radio and that’s great but it’s just a few that are like that and it’s not close to the level of Three Dog in Fallout 3 (man, i love Three Dog), put more heart into it Bethesda! I feel that every game nowadays it’s getting more and more simplified to “appeal to a wider market” and i get that but you are losing focus and removing everything that makes games special i feel like i could be eating something nice and homemade and instead i am eating fast food all “polished” and bland the whole AAA industry feel like that, indies are better but i feel like in some aspects it’s getting there too.

Well enough ranting, i like the game it has some nice story vignettes (though it lacks a compelling beginning-to-end narrative) the combat and the weapons are fun (though it can get to a point that it’s EXTREMELY tedious dealing with bullet spongy enemies ) and the music it’s great! (no buts here, the music IS great)

60 Seconds! Reatomized

Pretty cool choose you own story kinda game, it is an improvement to a traditional text adventure in the way that i has a gameplay component in each run at the beginning when you collect things for your fallout shelter and it has a really cool visual identity, i recommend it

Deadlight: Director’s Cut

I think i played the non-directors’s cut edition before but i am not so sure, the game is good, it has an interesting, short but sweet story and it doesnt seem to be constricted by its 2D platform genre, it has actually some cool platforming puzzles, still is a short and not too complex, i would really like seeing a more developed sequel for this

West of Loathing

Well i hoped to like this game, i played i bit of https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/ before and really liked it, well this “actual game” based on it turned out to be a great RPG, really really funny but it is a pretty decent game too, but man it be funny, really looking forward to grabbing shadows over loathing when it goes on sale

High on Life

Pretty good game, gameplay is nothing amazing but it has some pretty fun ideas, the standout here though are graphics, even when i had to play it on Low it looked really good, and the humor, its a really funny game if you like rick and morty style humor, both visual humor and writing are top notch

DOOM Eternal

I LOVE this new doom games, they are so frenetic and exhilarating, the music makes you wanna keep going on and on and on and on rip and tear all the demons to the core and i can’t believe it but the story and the lore and amazing it is all just so HEAVY METAL so gorey and fun



Okay so I went into this game expecting something bad. It is not a bad game by any means it just isn’t exceptional or does anything new for the genre but if you like banjo-kazooie you will most certainly like this game. It has a fun moveset, nice worlds, memorable characters and music by the one and only Grant Kirkhope

The Wolf Among Us

Perhaps the best telltale game i’ve played, the story is great and really intriguing, the characters are all amazingly well written, the music is great, i’ll probably start reading the graphic novel soon

The Henry Stickmin Collection


Really funny and well written, full of pop culture references and lots of secret and again really really funny

Spelunky 2

FINALLY finallyFINALLYasgasg i just beat the game, 526 hours in and i just beat the game for the first ,and most probably only, time its been a hard hard journey, spelunky 1 was the first actual roguelike i played and i hated it but played it for 300+ hours until i won it too, i am now realizing that maybe i really like roguelikes.
I got the most basic ending, i never could manage to do the late level side quests (IE won access to madam tusk place but never reached it when i had the access ) and most probably i will never ever try to go to the cosmic ocean, as i never tried going for hell in the original one, thats all for me, i will ride this joy wave i am surfing the whole night, peace everybody i love you all


Renowned Explorers: International Society

Pretty fun RPG, really charismatic and well written, it makes you feel like an explorer and it teaches you about different cultures

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

So i’ve had this game installed since 2016 and i almost don’t remember anything about it, i started it up and wanted to finish the last two levels from it really rusty from it but i managed to finish it after doing some of the earlier levels again to refresh my memory, it’s a pretty good pretty charming action light rpg game, the music is cute, the characters are cute, the story is really convoluted and really simple at the same time, i like it

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Kinda bland hidden object have based on one of my favorite childhood books, the art and the music are nice, its kinda short but i liked the idea that you are completing each level getting materials to build a ship to return to england


I liked this one, i have a soft spot for resistance and guerrilla type military games this one is pretty good showing a really cool alternate history where north korea has taken over the world, the gameplay is fun the weapons are good the only downside is that it’s pretty short and the ending was really anti climatic, i just purchased the second one and i hope it does a better job in that regard


Really cool sci-fi RPG by Ion Storm, the writing is pretty good, the story is interesting the characters are also interesting and funny and it does a good job making this sci fi epic balance between seriousness and comedy, sadly it has several bugs that are not fixed by any patch, nothing game breaking but some annoyances, there is also no FULL walkthrough to help you completely though there is a couple that would lead you to the end game there are several side quests unaccounted for in those, side quest also are not tracked by the game so good luck remembering them, i know there is a prima strategy guide for this game but it has not been digitized or at least i could not find it. All and all if you think this game may be your jam i recommend it


The Talos Principle

Actually finished this in like 2016 but i just finished the Road to Gehenna DLC, i was just feeling in a puzzle mood and still had this game installed and never played the dlc, so yeah, this games is fantastic, the puzzles are challenging, interesting and fun and not too hard, though you can get a challenge if you want with stars and some secrets, i don’t remember much of the original story but the feeling I remember is really similar to the one the dlc gave me, its subtle and original, filled with philosophy and if you engage with it a bit you can get lost in the game’s logic and ideas, i really really like this game
Punch Club

Fun and interesting managment game, bit tight on the times but the story is interesting and the combat is also fun, would love a more developed sequel

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Good metroidvania, the art style is great, the game itself is kinda easy and nothing too much special, but if you are craving a metroidvania it will do the trick


I like vampires, like a lot, and vampire related stuff always appeal to me, this game was no exception, and it didnt let me down, focus home interactive always releases interesting games and DONTNOD have a thing for story focused games so this checked all my boxes, i only wish that maybe focus home could have gotten Spiders involved in the project as it is the kind of game they would make and i always like their work…
In any case, the game is great, the mechanics are interesthing, the story is really good (really like that ending too), the characters are complex and relatable and the combat is fun, the music really fits and i didnt see any bugs that i remember. So yeah, great game, really hope they make a sequel or even better a prequel

Psychonauts 2


Played it on the microsoft/xbox store

I completely love this game, i loved the original one and this improves everything, the game looks beatiful keeping the art style but improving on the visuals a lot, the music is amazing and always fits right, the combat is really fun and varied and the exploration is really good and really well paced, the levels are incredibly imaginative and really cool themes (tho i think the original ones were better), and the story somehow manages to follow the original one flawlessly and delivers on every single thing i wanted to see be developed.

This may very well be my favorite 3D Platformer.


Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Really really liked this platformer, good music (gotta love grant kirkhope), great moves and extremly fun, the final (or first) level is extremely hard tho

Heaven’s Vault

Really unique game, loved the atmosphere and figuring out the story of the world, and the linguistic mini game is incredibly compelling, really recommend this game to anyone who finds any part of the game interesting



Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate

Played it on Epic/Uplay

I’ve been playing the remaining games i had on the assassin’s creed franchise just to get to this one because the setting was really really appealing for me, sadly as is a tendency with the series, it got more and more streamlines and normalized to the point where the game is just a hub for activities that feel non related to each other, it lacks continuity. The characters, the other part i was really exited about, Marx, Dickens, Darwin, etc. like the game itself felt like a bland, underdeveloped, empty shell of a good idea.
Gameplay wise though, i feel this is the best one, the grappling hook is really fun and somehow doesn’t entirely make the climbing obsolete, the carriage riding despite my initial complains with it was good for what it is, and the combat as you would expect is the same as before but with some additions.

The Jack the Ripper DLC was the best part story-wise and I enjoyed it.

Also ubisoft connect rant, it cannot work that bad, it doesnt remember my password, it makes me put a verification code every single time even when i tell it to trust my device and it always logs out do to inactivity, it just so tedious man.

Yesterday Origins

I love pendulo studios, one of the earlier gaming memories i have is playing a demo of Hollywood Monsters that came in a demo disc with, i think, sacred gold edition (another childhood favorite) and dont get me started on the runaway trilogy, man such good games.
This is the sequel to the original yesterday and though the name may make it sound otherwise it is a direct sequel, its been years since i played the original but its still the same pendulo style point and click adventure, satanic urban fantasy mystery, its not their best work i think but its really good anyways, the puzzles are solid, the music is good and the story keeps you interested, i hope there is a third game but i can see no talk about one anywhere.

Also there are a couple of really anoying bugs, like a console poping up and staying there, and if you have your joystick on before starting the game the inventory wont open

A Valley Without Wind

First time i will be talking about a game i did not and will not finish.
I found the game non engagin, i mean, i could play for a couple of hours but i found no enjoyment in it, its too big, too complex for its own good, really overwhelming and i did not have anything pushing me forward to keep playing it at all, just combat after combat in areas that are pretty distinct but only visually every place i entered it was the same layout of randomized geography with building laid around randomly and items that had no meaning too me.


Quarentine is almost over here in Argentina and i’ve been playing some games

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Took too long to finish because my joystick broke and took like a year to fix it and so i think i forgot part of the story, still i really liked the story as always yakuza is a masterclass in game making in all aspects, waiting for the summer sale to get me the remastered pack


Another fantastic wadjet eye game, started it a long while ago and played it half then and half now, really cool sci fi story and the puzzles are mostly well done


Yet another fantastic wadjet eye game, i really liked the post apocalyptic environment i always do, the music stood out in this game for me, the story is kinda generic and there wasn’t any stand out puzzles but still if you like wadjet eye games you will like Shardlight

Life is Strange 2


Really liked it, an emotional tale of two brothers trying to do the best they can in an horrible situation, lots of hard, true moments but with a soft, bright side when it comes to brotherhood and relationships and people, atleast thats the experience i got based on my choices, seeing the other endings in youtube right now it seems that the experience can be quite different, i liked life is strange 1 quirk more but life is strange 2 has a more mature, more serious story to tell and it was well done, the only thing that it does worse than the previous game is music, its not bad but it doesnt have any stand out tracks like the first one did. Looking forward for the third game, hope they make a crossover someday


I’ve been looking at this game for years, i tried several times and never could get the hang of it, i ended up playing it with a guide like 60% of the game, i got to say even that way this game is amazing, a metroidania that challenge the player and asks a lot of it, if you like puzzles that really challenge you try without a guide, the couple i could figure out on my own were really rewarding to do so, and having followed a guide i know that everything you need to know its there, you just have to look for it ,sometimes the solution is halfway across the map in a missable spot but the game trains you to expect that from the beginning, really cool game, amazing music, amazing artwork, a one of a kind adventure


Not much in the way of a life review, i am getting my degree in a couple of hours after writting this tho, three years after graduating they are finally giving me the piece of paper that says i did :p

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York

Waited a long while since i finished it to write it because i wanted to try the other 2 characters you can play, never did, probably never will but not because its a bad game, au contraire, its quite good specially since the last visual novel in the vampire the masquerade universe i played was trash, the art is good, the intrigue is real, and the blood mechanic was well implemented

CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience

Same as with the vampire game finished it a while ago but wanted to try the other characters, though i will probably come back to this, this game was hard and too real, the mechanics made me really empathize and think about the reallity of homeless people, its not fun in a traditional way but it is rewarding

Titanfall® 2

Great game, loved the story, and the gameplay is reallyyy fun, even tried a bit of the multiplayer real fun game, play it

Mass Effect™: Andromeda Deluxe Edition

This game consumed my life for like a week, its story is not nearly as interesting as the original, and well the animations still suck and the soundtrack is meh, but aside from that its pretty good, most characters are interesting, the combat is really great, as is the nomad driving, but as i said it consumed my life as did the original trilogy when i played it so i hope for a better realized sequel

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Took a while to finish it, same quality as human revolution in all aspects, but for some reason i didnt like it as much, i think it was a bit too shallow, the story didnt grab me as much, i liked the map a bit better. Still i really like the concept in general and i think maybe its time to try the older ones again, tried 3 or 4 times to play the original and never could get past the initial stage


Ah i wanted to wait until i finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 before posting this but damn it, my joystick broke, and i had a hard time getting replacement parts for it and i did and then the replacement part was broken too so i will just post it now, someday i’ll finish kiwami 2.

Not much going on my life to deserve a life update but i am just taking more care of myself, i am kind of on a diet (lost 5 kg) and i am doing great in general

After all this years hearing about how great is this game i am finally able to play it, and its good, traversing the world is fun, the world itself is beautiful… and is really awesome and unique how attached i get to another person playing even though we cant speak to each other

Bury Me, My Love

Played it on my phone over the course of like 2 years, most of what happened i already forgot but its a good story about the journey of a girl refugee to find a better place to live and its pretty well written, i should have chosen the option to not play it real time tho

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Still playing lovecraftian games and reading lovecraftian things, love the theme and it helps me to create atmosphere for my Call of Cthulhu 7th edition adventure i am narrating.
This game is REALLY good, love the writing and the art is great, the music fits the theme perfectly and is pretty hard (specially at the beginning) so that good for the theme too, 2 problems with the game tho, there are several bugs, that bother a lot, one actually crashed the game for me at half of the end cutscene so that wasnt nice, there was also a spell that i had spent a lot of resources to get, the spell just didnt work at all, it was really bugged, but anyway the game is great despite that

Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst

Loved the first game such an unique and beautiful game, still is even more pretty than this newer one but this is great too, mirrors edge games do what sonic games never could do for me, that feeling of going fast and wanting to keep going. Not as good as the first one it has a lot of tacked on things like the pointless upgrades, or the huge amount of score board missions that put you against other people, i dont care for those, i would have appreciated some more side quests instead of that.
Still the map is really well design for non stop running, the story is good enough and i really really enjoy running


A friend gifted me this game out of the blue the day it came out and i finished it that same day, its a short (like 6 hours, is that short? I dont even know anymore) game that tells three stories at once and it does every single one pretty well, the puzzles are cool and there were a couple ones that i thought were REALLY good

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Played this with 4 other friends, i have no idea what the story past the first act was, the enemies were cool and its a nice game to play with friends, thats all i can say about it, we finished immortal throne but i think i will not be getting the DLC


Ah weird rpg maker games, they used to be my bread and butter when i was on highschool, a couple of them are some of my favorite games ever (mostly LISA and also undertale to a lesser degree) i heard about this one a long time ago and it was just as i expected weird and bizarre claymation game, the “plot” and writing and really simple, really convoluted and it feels like a fever dream to me… so yeah, i highly recommend it

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Really really liked this game lots of adrenaline pumping action, not stop violence a really really cathartic game, the story and the music are alright didnt care much because i was too busy kicking ass, still i liked the characters, i am too used to characters not being a dumbasses who swear every other word and this being the opposite is a nice change of pace, i will be playing the duke nukem tour on and off probably, its a really good game when i just want to shoot away the stress and i really like duke nukem (i think i am one of the few that actually didnt hate duke nukem forever)



Good game, not exceptional, but good to listen to a podcast while playing it, watching the amount of gold you sell stuff at increment little by little was really satisfying, reminds me a lot of Recettear, i remember being in a group of spanish speaking game developers in facebook and the developer of this game was showing it and apparently he didn’t even know about Recettear!


Another rogue like that i finish, it was a short one for me, i got a really broken set of blessings and cards in a daily challenge and managed to basically beat the last 2 or 3 bosses in less than 30 seconds even the last boss and all its phases. Its good, its more like spelunky than rogue legacy because you only have your skills to rely on but you can unlock trough playing new things to be found in your next playthrough. Its good, now i have to found another 2D platformer rogue like

A Short Hike

This game is sweet and nostalgic, every character is really well written and the game overall i think its perfect, nothing is missing and nothing is filler, its as the title says just a short hike but in that small trek there a lot of heart

Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure

Small little side game to last year’s (damn it came out 2017 not last year) Thimbleweed Park which i loved, this is a series of simple puzzle (30 puzzles and really simple, there are 2 or 3 thinkers but nothing crazy), it has a small bit of content for fans of the game, also the credits are cool
Papo & Yo

Pretty short game that was suggested by Steam during the spring cleaning event, it has some beautiful and unique environments and some good music and it is trying to mean something as if its trannsmits it message? I dont know, the message didnt resonate with me but i can empathize with people who do, its gameplay is very simple, some mild platforming and some easy puzzles

Assassin’s Creed® Unity

Been playing this on Uplay, assassins creed games had been a drag for me, every game aside from the ezio games (man i love AC:2) i’ve been playing just by inertia, now i wanted to play syndicate and thats why i started playing the games in the series i missed (i stopped at 4 but didnt have rogue, also i hate the naval combat in 4 but maybe thats because i did EVERY SIGNLE ONE of the ship missions before doing anything else and i might have just gotten tired of it).
Unity is no difference in terms of dragging for me, i think its the worst one tbh, i liked the setting but thats it, the story is dull, the characters too, and the ending was really really underwhelming, still i played it because its a huge skinner box, all those collectibles all the weapons, every little thing i collected it because my brain told me so but what a drag, i have dead kings to finish and i dont know if i will be able

Update: finished Dead Kings, it was alright, i liked Leon but i wish they would have given Napoleon a more substantial role

Metro Exodus - Sam’s Story

Good closure for the game, Sam was always one of the most interesting characters in the game and a dlc just for him its really cool, this is the first time that the game made me think if the “villain” was actually bad, i mean up until now it was pretty clear that one path is evil and the other is not, but this time not so much, i like that

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