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Just on game this month and not even a steam one, been working, been trying to get a new job, overall pretty regular month, hope you are all doing well

No One Lives Forever
(Not available for purchase digitally)

So i’ve been playing this game for about 2 years, whenever my internet connection is down i feel like playing this game, i illegally dowloaded it years ago, sadly there isnt,and i dont think there will be at least for a while, a way to get this game digitally, due to companies basically not knowing and dont wanting to spend time to look if they own this game or not, anyways the game is great and it aged great, the humor specially its great, the story is good, the music is what you would expect for a spy game, and the gameplay is great, specially the gadgets! If you can get a copy on ebay or so you should try it, even download it, i think that in this kinda cases you are entitled to download it


The Evil Within 2

I really liked the first game, this one is weird for me, i liked a lot of the things here, monster design, level desing (almost like an open world horror game) and characters… but i dont know, the story just wasnt up to part, maybe because there isnt that big plot twist that was in the first one but still, i really like the game, play it if you liked it the first, most people tend to like this one more than the original one

The Banner Saga 3

This was a sour experience to me, having loved the first two games i decided to pre purchase the games most expensive edition, and around half of the game i had a game breaking bug, basically i couldnt move on because one enemy in a fight was bugged and couldnt be killed, i wrote the support about it, i wrote them on twitter too, and even in the steam discussion, no word from anyone, and i wasnt the only one with that problem either, alas after months of waiting i decided to use a cheat that killed every enemy on the screen to just bypass that fight, but i shouldnt have to cheat to acomplish a basic thing, and even knowing the cheat was bad for me because i know knew how to do it and even did it acouple of times after, anyway… the game itself is great, a great finale for a trilogy that i’ve been following from the very start of the original kickstarter, its all it was meant to be, beautiful, fun, incredible music, and the story is GREAT, great conclusion, but i implore anyone looking to get into the banner saga series, please dont use a guide, i used a guide for some things and even tho i really enjoyed the game i know i would have enjoyed it a lot more have i not used a walkthrough


Hey there, havent posted since august, basically because i havent finished a game since august, and this month i have one game to show for sadly, but its a great one, working has been taking a lot more of my time that i expected, having to work extra hours from work and getting home really tired, that the part i didnt expect, also i started a course in COBOL (really old programming language that mostly only banks use)last month and i am still going, is a free course with a job oportunity attatched so hopefully i get in, but thanks to that course i just get to home and go to sleep and thats it, now after writting this post i have to complete 5 assignments i was given yesterday and finish them before monday so wish me luck, anyway, the game:

Yakuza 0

WOW i really really liked this game, in fact it became my top 2 game of all time tied with DOOM (2016) it just a perfect game across the board, excellent combat, excellent story, excellent music, excellent sound,excellent world desing, and oh man all those mini games ! you just cant get bored playing this game, tho its really really hard to 100% i have almost 200 hours and still have a long way to go (mostly because i suck at mahjong and shogi and the achivments tide to that will be really hard for me)
cant wait for kiwami to be released, i need more of this game


So first month of job update, doing great on the job but i had a busy month for me so only two games this month

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Pretty good game, i dont think i like it as much as the main game but i really really like it anyways, the chemestry between rachel and chloe is great and even tho the story couldnt be much different that what we were told in LiS it still managed to surprise me quite a bit a couple of times and i really loved roleplaying with mikey and stephanie and there put depth in characters that previously didnt have so much like david, but i will stop there, if you liked life is strange or want to play the original one play this game, its pretty good

A Golden Wake

Ah i love Wadjet Eye, classic point and click games with so much charm and love put into them, it just feels cozy to play most of their games, and seeing that Dave Gilbert (CCO of wadjet eye) is going to be giving a lecture in an event in my city the 30st i decided to finish my backlog of wadjet eye games, now i have 2 games remaining (that i own, i still need to get Unavowed) and 6 days, so i dont think i will be able but still i will try.

As always with wadjet eye games the music is great, the art is better than you would expect for such an small studio using AGS, the story and setting are really cool and well done, pretty interesting historical fiction. Give it a go, and try every wadjet eye game! (dont know about Emerald City Confidential and Puzzle Bots tho)

Hey future Leonidas here, i met Dave Gilbert, his lecture was great and he is really cool, here is a picture with me and him, i am the one that is not dave Gilbert :p



Well pretty good life update, few games because of it tho, i finally got a job, its an intership and only 4 hours so i dont earn shit but i am finally working as a programmer! And my coworkers are all lovely! And second update… i kinda graduated… i presented my thesis the 3rd… but it turns out i didnt enroll to it, i thought i did, i even had a photo of when i did but i forgot to click one button… so i waited until the very end to wait for the career manager to get there so she could do something about it… she never came but one of the teachers was good enough to let me present it… i did it… in the dark because the lights went out i got an 8 on my thesis but is provisional, i now have to hope that the career manager wants to give me a chance (and she is pretty bitchy so fingers crossed i guess) and then that the exams departments want to reprint the act and put me in…if not i have to present it again in december so lets hope… i celebrated anyways… more because of anger than joy but anyways, that was a really bad day, my bidet broke, it almost floods my apartment… and it was 10pm so everything was closed… i managed to do something so not so much water came out and the plumber came this morning… i had to do this kinda fix a couple of times before… he charged me almost thrice as much, left a big whole on the wall, and left everything disattached in the bathroom… lets hope all of those things give me good karma and i get my thesis aproved

Rise of the Tomb Raider

As good if not better than the 2013 reboot, if you liked that one you will like this one too

A Hat in Time

My god did i love this game, i had a metric ton of fun in this game, the mechanics are great, the game looks beautiful, the soundtrack is amazing, and to top it all of, it is really innovational with a lot of things, i want more of this and i want it now, i think this game enters my top 5 of all time


Weird month, started learning how to make a game with some friends of mine that work making games as i still couldnt get a job (7 months and counting) so i wanted to atleast learn something useful, and its fun, still dont know too much but i have my “game” on my phone and its pretty exiting see it work and all, also i’ve been pulishing up my thesis, i should be able to finish it before the end of the month and hopefully present it and graduate this month too, its almost ready but i want to polish it as much as possible, also been playing a lot of D&D as usual

The Technomancer

Ah another mediocre Spiders game, a pseudo sequel to Mars:War Logs and i love it, i dont know why but i really like this average on all acounts games, the story is interesting but the writting, gameplay, graphics and characters are not that great, the music is pretty good though, i liked Mars: War Logs more but this is still a good game for me, take as a lower budget and more focused Mass Effect, if that sound apealing to you check both Mars:War Logs and The Technomancer out, you will like them.

Of Orcs And Men

So i decided to play everygame from spiders studios (and focus home interactive probably) that i own and havent played yet, as i said in the previous game in this report i think their games are mediocre but i still like them very much, so i started with this game, as far as i know their first game, and the first game that Styx makes an appearance! (i think :p) this game is no exception to the mediocrity of their games, the combat is a really clunky mix of turn based and real time (kinda like playing an mmo, you select what skills you want to use and those you select enter a queue and the characters does them on its own) but the story is pretty interesting and the music is good, so i kept on playing.

Bound By Flame

Perhaps one of the best Spiders’ games combatwise it is pretty fun but it is still clunky, the story is pretty good, i even stole the main character premise and made it a character in a dnd campaing i started a couple of days before finishing the game, the music is fine, the graphics are pretty good and the characters are hit and miss, most are pretty boring but i really enjoyed Buffalo and specially Randval and Mathras

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Ah such a lovely gamee, so cuuuute, so beautiful, and it is just a teaser game! I love it, cant wait for life is strang 2… i seriously should get LiS:Before the Storm


Heavy month! finally beat witcher 3 all over again in new game + and finally played the dlcs! i’ve been also been playing a lot fo d&d as always and still looking for a job, and also i am starting to learn to use unity with some friends that work making video games, so thats cool!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone

Man oh man do i love The Witcher 3, probably my favorite game of all time and i never played the dlcs, after doing the new game plus, finally, i played the first dlc, and i have to say, it has the best narrative of the whole franchise, the characters are great, the moral dilemas are hard and the story itself is amazing, and it uses the medium of video games perfectly, not only that but the amount of content they put for this dlc is incredible, each day i love CD Projekt Red more.


I dont own this game, atleast at the time of writing this, but i played it on a friends house and oh is this game amazing, the urgency it makes you feel, the pride i felt when i won it (mind you i stayed on my friend’s house until i did, around 5 am, and he has to work at 8, so big thanks to him!) its exactly what i expected and i expected a lot.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

Again a great DLC, REALLY great, with lots of content and lots of love put into it, witcher 3 definetly is my favorite game of all time and this was a great clossure, my only complain is that i was expecting to be able to expand Corvo Bianco a lot more, nothing quite fills the hole that Assassin’s Creed 2’s monteriggioni left in me :c

The Banner Saga 2

Great continuation to the original, one of the most beautiful games i’ve ever seen, both in art and in music, the gameplay is pretty engrosing if you like turn based rpgs, and i really do, and the story is amazing and i cant wait for part 3

Few games played, been playing dnd a lot more than i should, 3 times a week, and i still cant get a job, on the good side i am wrapping up my thesis

Hyper Light Drifter

Really good game, fun as hell combat, great soundtrack and stunning art, it left me feeling something, still i dont know what i am feeling, the gameplay and the “story” convey something, still i dont know what



Bizarre, weird and great point and click adventure game, it doesnt present anything unique in terms of gameplay, its in fact very simple, but dont let that make you ignore the game, as its really worth a look, its bizarre magazine-cutout/drawing graphics, its beautiful ambient music, its amazing story and that really really incredible direction makes this game worth your time, give it a go



Pretty fun sidescroller action/stealth platformer rpg (i cant put more gernes if you want), while the story was nothing special (cyberpunk cliche) still i think it was good enough and the gameplay was really fun albeit clunky at times it still hooked me, the game lasted just enoght for me to not get tired of it, maybe a bit more wouldnt have hurt


Just a couple of games this time, because i’ve being really busy with job interviews and staff, still dont have a job, interviews are harsh

Night in the Woods


This game is a cozy winter morning, wrapped in a blanket, in the heat of the fireplace with your favorite cartoon on and cup of hot chocolate, it is x-files, it is the music that you hear while walking on the streat, it is people you know, good people, bad people, real people. This game has the feeling of nostalgia while being totally contemporary and modern.This game is every young adult fear and existential crisis all at once. This game is pure feeling.

that aside, this game is pretty much a perfect game for me, the story is really interesting, the music is beautiful and the art is gorgeous, and the characters and the atmosphere are so fucking believable i think i know everybody in this game, or atleast i feel so.

As a small town dude i really relate with a lot of thing in this game.

This game is special, its special for me.



You may have heard this game is similar to limbo, i personally dont see it, i mean yes, its a puzzle sidescroller with a minimalist design both grafically and in its puzzles and its made by the same dude BUT there are a lot of differences too, the main one for me its that i see what point INSIDE its trying to make with its “story”, or atleast i think i do, i am still thinking about it, but atleast i am making conclusions, but i didnt do that with limbo, i didnt have a conclusion to make years ago when i played it, maybe i wasnt so thoughtful back then but who knows… anyways INSIDE is something different, its an experience that you need to have while being open to think, not because the puzzles are hard, they really arent, but because it makes you think about stuff.. And thats cool, really recommend this game

sup assasins, not a lot of games this month as i’ve been really busy doing bootcamps and trainings to start working and was busy almost all day everyday and spent every weekend at birthday parties (lots of friends birthdays are in february, and even mine!) but this is what little i played

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Pretty good game, wish i had played it before hollow knight and not right after it, i think that comparing it to hollow knight side by side made me not enjoy this game as much as i would as it is really pretty, it has really good music, the mechanics are interesting and fun and the story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, all good things, the only downside, is that it felt pretty short, i 100% it in 2 sessions, i think 8 hours or so? In any case, play it, its pretty goood


I really liked this game, a lot, its really satisfying to be on the shadows taking all the loot, all of it, and go an put out a candle and knock out a guard and then quickly dash into the night to steal more stuff, its extremely fun, the music is good, the story is good enough but i really love the world, is really interesting, i will be diving into the old games i think.


Got this game for 75 cents or so, its a pretty good pinball table, with one variant, it has a good amount of content and it is fun, its not Pinball FX2 but it is good

Thimbleweed Park™

One of my favorite Point and click game of all time, and i’ve played a lot since i was a kid, it made me laught out loud a lot of times, the story is pretty great, the characters are really cool, specially ransome and delores,(tbh i dont care that much about both agents but they are okay), the puzzles are pretty cool and smart and the game is really full to the brim with references to old games but it stand on its own really beautifully. The soundtrack is great, the art is really good. Buy it. Play it.

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