Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Really really liked this platformer, good music (gotta love grant kirkhope), great moves and extremly fun, the final (or first) level is extremely hard tho

Heaven’s Vault

Really unique game, loved the atmosphere and figuring out the story of the world, and the linguistic mini game is incredibly compelling, really recommend this game to anyone who finds any part of the game interesting



Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate

Played it on Epic/Uplay

I’ve been playing the remaining games i had on the assassin’s creed franchise just to get to this one because the setting was really really appealing for me, sadly as is a tendency with the series, it got more and more streamlines and normalized to the point where the game is just a hub for activities that feel non related to each other, it lacks continuity. The characters, the other part i was really exited about, Marx, Dickens, Darwin, etc. like the game itself felt like a bland, underdeveloped, empty shell of a good idea.
Gameplay wise though, i feel this is the best one, the grappling hook is really fun and somehow doesn’t entirely make the climbing obsolete, the carriage riding despite my initial complains with it was good for what it is, and the combat as you would expect is the same as before but with some additions.

The Jack the Ripper DLC was the best part story-wise and I enjoyed it.

Also ubisoft connect rant, it cannot work that bad, it doesnt remember my password, it makes me put a verification code every single time even when i tell it to trust my device and it always logs out do to inactivity, it just so tedious man.

Yesterday Origins

I love pendulo studios, one of the earlier gaming memories i have is playing a demo of Hollywood Monsters that came in a demo disc with, i think, sacred gold edition (another childhood favorite) and dont get me started on the runaway trilogy, man such good games.
This is the sequel to the original yesterday and though the name may make it sound otherwise it is a direct sequel, its been years since i played the original but its still the same pendulo style point and click adventure, satanic urban fantasy mystery, its not their best work i think but its really good anyways, the puzzles are solid, the music is good and the story keeps you interested, i hope there is a third game but i can see no talk about one anywhere.

Also there are a couple of really anoying bugs, like a console poping up and staying there, and if you have your joystick on before starting the game the inventory wont open

A Valley Without Wind

First time i will be talking about a game i did not and will not finish.
I found the game non engagin, i mean, i could play for a couple of hours but i found no enjoyment in it, its too big, too complex for its own good, really overwhelming and i did not have anything pushing me forward to keep playing it at all, just combat after combat in areas that are pretty distinct but only visually every place i entered it was the same layout of randomized geography with building laid around randomly and items that had no meaning too me.


You’ve certainly been playing a lot of interesting games. Thanks for the reviews. Never heard of Valley without wind, the game does look a bit weird indeed. Very generic background somehow.

I’m not really that much of a point’n’click player, but I really enjoyed the first Yesterday. It had a nice story.