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  • Flat Heroes
    Flat Heroes

    2 hours playtime

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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    493 hours playtime

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  • Shovel Knight
    Shovel Knight

    18 hours playtime

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  • Stories Untold
    Stories Untold

    85 minutes playtime

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Activity report :

Didn’t play that much on Steam recently (as I bought a used 3DS, and played Zelda ALBW and MGS3).
I’ve been through like 80% of Flat Heroes though, the first game I won on SG. It’s a great minimalist platformer, strongly advised for multiplayer addicts and Meat Boy fans . The last stages are a bit tough though, and as it is really stripped to the core of platforming, I don’t feel like pushing more at the moment just to beat the last levels. Maybe I’ll come back to this when I have played some other games on my backlog.
The latest DLC for Shovel Knight is also a great addition to this already fantastic platformer. Controls are very precise, atmosphere is there, I’ll complete this very soon.
I’m also still trying to beat Isaac Rebirth’s last DLC. Ultra Hard challenge was… very hard. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to beat the Greedier mode, I hate this boss…
Also played the first part of the adventure game Stories Untold, a really good take on the old text adventure formula, and a nice horror movie atmosphere. But the game slows down quite a lot on my low specs laptop. So I’ll put this aside for the moment…
The backlog fight will continue in next épisodes !

First short activity report

  • Moirai

    8 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Mandagon

    35 minutes playtime

    4 of 5 achievements

  • The Witness
    The Witness

    27 hours playtime

    0 of 2 achievements

I’ve played two really short free games advised by the BLAEO community this week.

Moirai : A 5 minute first person experiment with a twist. Nothing spectacular, but still worth it. You should give it a try, it’s quick and witty.
Mandagon : A bit longer. I liked the art style and drony soundtrack. This is supposed to be about tibetan buddhism, but I don”t feel the game is very deep. Gameplay is also minimal : get puzzle pieces, bring them to the altar. Overall, it’s a pretty arty game, but I’m not sure I’d advise it to everyone. It’s free, give it a try and see if the atmosphere means something to you, otherwise, “let it go”.

Also :
The Witness : As I said in an earlier post, best puzzle game ever. I’m at the end section now, but I’m kinda puzzle-overdosing right now. Also, I have motion sickness, so a few parts where you have to move a lot to find the right angle to do the puzzle did make me sick a bit.
I’ll leave the game for a while, because the fun is wearing off, and I don’t want to rush the ending with a walkthrough just to get it done. We’ll see each other again soon, Island of the witnesses !


Well, I’ve been told by a member here that I should have introduced myself, so here I go ! (won’t be long :p)
So I’m both new on SG and BLEO. This seems a very nice tool to get rid of that damn backlog and make things clear once and for all.
I’m not sure I’ll finish anything soon, I’ve been trying to complete Isaac for many months now, and I don’t play that much to be frank. (Well, unless I get crazy addicted for a moment like I was with Stardew Valley and Steamworld Heist a few months ago).
Thanks to this site members, I already discovered some nice free games or forgotten gems in the depths of the backlog dungeon, so yeah, glad to be here, and thanks to you all !
(also, I’m french so forgive the bits of broken english here or there)
Ps : next step, I’ll have to find out how to add the game image links in my posts to write nice and pretty reviews like the other members. If I finish any game soon :p

Any gems I missed ?

I’m new on this site, and I’ve finally organized my backlog. Well, it’s been hard for some games (some of them I’m not sure I played or not, some others are “infinite”, like fighting games, but I put them on the “beaten” list anyway…)
If you can scroll my “unplayed” list and notice at a quick glance a few gems I should give a try, please leave a message :) (there may be a few in the abandoned section too, but obvious choices like Rayman or Bioshock are there for a reason : they’re just not really my cup of tea ;) )
(Don’t spend more than a minute on this, and big thanks to all of you anyway !)

The Witness : I’m getting close to finishing this wonderful puzzle game, the best I’ve ever played really. Trying my best not to look for clues on the internet, but I did sin a few times I confess. Anyway, if I get stuck too long on a single puzzle, it makes me want to stop playing. And I don’t want to stop, because this island is too great to abandon.