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Clearing my backlog right now. And I’ve got to say there are shedload of games that are needed to be avoid at all costs. My initial plan was to play every game for at least 1 hour. But with this kind of library which has over 2000 games, it becomes a burden after a while. Besides there are these games that I can’t stand for even 5 minutes.

And you might ask that why I ended up owning them. Well, the answer is simple. If we get every free games from various game sites, buy a whole bundle for the one game that we are or we might interested, purchase games from weeklong deals on Steam just because they are dirty cheap, so suddenly we find ourselves with a library that seems to be big, but in reality full of unnecessary indie games that are put in the market for quick cash. Don’t get me wrong. There are great indie games as well. But let’s be honest, there are many greedy people that call themselves developers out here.

So what am I doing? I added three different categories to my library: “Playing”, “Not Interested” and “Maybe to Return” (and also “Finished”). I play every game I own and decide their fate. It’s just easy as that. I skip the games that simply don’t work on modern systems, games that are dead because of them being only-multiplayer and have no player base etc.

After this process, I feel like I’m going to enjoy my games a lot more because it had been bothering me for quite some time that my library was getting bigger and I had no intention to stop getting new games. With this marathon, I realized that I had many games which I don’t even like their genre - on my wishlist where they got in that list just because of their positive reviews. So I cleared them out as well. And I’ve got to admit it feels good, even from now on I don’t feel that urge to collect every game for instance. My buying habits are seems to be tamed. That monster has been put to sleep.

UPDATE: I successfully got rid of the games that I wasn’t interested. Now, all that left for me is 200+ games. And I can happily say that it was worth it. Played them all (apart from Visual Novels, Hidden Object, RPG Maker games because I don’t really care about any of them. Besides they are all the same for me.) and hid the finished and the rest in my library so I now can easily navigate through what I want to play. My library looks so much better now.

It’s not an easy task to do, playing all of your games in your library especially if you have a large one, but I recommend at least give them a bash some time. You’ll come across some gems along the way, also it will make you ponder how some people could take advantage of The Mighty Greenlight system (Thank God, they got rid of it.) or even you’ll question yourself what you are doing with your life. But! it’ll all come back together as a refreshing journey in the end, and finally you’ll find yourself with the games that you can actually put some of your precious hours in and no thanks to your greedy gaming love, thousands of those games you obtained and bought in various ways will not stay still in your dusty library and as a result, your conscious will be relieved.

Happy gaming everybody.

I had beaten tons of games over the years on SNES, Sega, Playstation. Before 2009, I used to pirate on PC as well and I beat reasonable amount of games. (After joining Steam, I even bought them and beaten some of them again.) As I grow older, I feel that I can’t give so much attention as I used to. I’m 30 now and finishing every single game feels like a burden. They tend to get boring, uninspiring. If a game catches my attention, usually I’ll finish them in short amount of time. But apart from them, forcing myself to like some other game probably ends up me hating it.

I like to track my progress however. Seeing which ones I haven’t played or finished is giving me some sort of a road map. I like it here. People are sharing their accomplishments, experiences and feedback. And seeing them makes me want to finish those gazzilion number of dusty games on my library. But let’s be honest, if you have over 2000 games, it’s not going to happen. That’s like more than my life time. I wish I could but I can’t. I shouldn’t. I’ll just stick with the ones that gets my attention immediately. Others unfortunately will be forgotten along with my wasted money.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for your attention as well. Just wanted to blow off some steam. I can’t describe how overwhelming it feels when I look at my library. My life is stressful as it is, adding more stuff to worry won’t help. I just can’t do that to myself.

I decided returning to some of the games that I previously marked as hidden (“won’t play” category). Maybe I judged them too quickly. Time will tell.

Also I’ll be definately back to my SG winnings some time. I feel like I betray the giveaway creators. :) But with all the games I’m stuck right now, it’ll take quite some time.

2532 games (+2 not categorized yet)
45% never played
22% unfinished
25% beaten
8% completed
0% won't play