I decided returning to some of the games that I previously marked as hidden (“won’t play” category). Maybe I judged them too quickly. Time will tell.

Also I’ll be definately back to my SG winnings some time. I feel like I betray the giveaway creators. :) But with all the games I’m stuck right now, it’ll take quite some time.


Maybe! I know that I had a pile of never gonna play games and few years later I found out there were some not so bad ones.
Good luck with it then! c:

Lucky Thirteen

So many SG wins in the “won’t play” category, tsk tsk tsk… Well, good luck with (re)playing some of them ;)

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Without checking your profile I kind of just dismissed the fact that your were going back to your “won’t play” catagory thinking it would be better to continue with stuff you injoy.
but seeing as how much stuff is in there I think theres bound to be something great you missed.
so idk carry on