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2016-10 Report

My strategy of attacking my backlog alphabetically (A-Z) didn’t work as well as I thought, so this month I went back to attacking it chaotically. I think I need to go back to my first strategy of attacking my SG wins with achievements in the order that I won them. Remember when I challenged myself and all of you last month to not add a single game to our libraries this month? Well, I succeeded! Did you? Technically I had a new game added to my library because the special edition of Skyrim magically appeared there, but other than, nothing! See for yourself below:

My last SteamGifts win was on September 22 and I haven’t entered a single giveaway since then. I’m so happy with the results that I’ll continue this challenge next month. It’s finally starting to feel like there’s an end to this backlog. Are you with me this time?

And I also completed this month’s Scavenger Hunt. It was really enjoyable and I had a lot of fun doing it. Hope we can see more of these in the future! My screenshots below:

Tier 1 (Gore)

A bloody weapon.


A torch.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists Of Ravenwood

A body (in an awkward position).


The writing on the wall.


Tier 2 (Nature)

Twilight sky.

Broken Age


Broken Age

A pretty flower.

Broken Age

Garden equipment.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists Of Ravenwood

Tier 3 (Technology)

A terminal.

Broken Age


Saints Row IV

My pimped out ride.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

A message in neon.

Saints Row IV

Tier 4 (Creatures)

It has more than two eyes.

The Bug Butcher

A mythical beast.

Saints Row IV

A spider.

The Bug Butcher

Man's best friend.

Saints Row IV

Tier 5 (Skills That Kill)

The massacre.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Death by fire.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Up close and personal.


Got you in my sights.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Also, new layout incoming! I love it so much that I’ll go back to change all my previous posts to this layout.

By the way, would anyone be interested in helping me get some Left 4 Dead 2 achievements next month? I played a bit with Adelion and tso184 during the weekend and was able to get some, but I’m still missing a lot.

Games Beaten This Month (3)

What’s missing to 100%?

  • Some combat-related achievements.
  • DLC


Won On SteamGifts Monthly Theme
5 screenshots
12 hours playtime, 7 of 14 achievements (50%)

What’s missing to 100%?

  • Beat the game in nightmare mode.
  • Whistleblower DLC
Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

Won On SteamGifts Monthly Theme
4 screenshots
37 hours playtime, 36 of 73 achievements (78%)

What’s missing to 100%?

  • Some combat-related achievements.
  • DLC

Games Completed This Month (4)

Broken Age

Broken Age

Won On SteamGifts Monthly Theme
5 screenshots
15 hours playtime, 45 of 45 achievements (100%)
The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher

Won On SteamGifts Monthly Theme
2 screenshots
17 hours playtime, 31 of 31 achievements (100%)
Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren's Call

Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren's Call

Won On SteamGifts
no screenshots
8 hours playtime, 29 of 29 achievements (100%)

Games Added This Month (1)

Games that were both added and removed this month are not included in this count.


My score is the sum of games beaten and completed this month, and The Backlog’s score is the sum of games added this month (including the ones both added and removed).

revilheart (7) The Backlog (1)
The Backlog was assassinated this month!

June’s Theme - Bad Trip

Lost in a demon world inside of your head, crashed down on a tropical island filled with zombies or fallen down to an underground world surrounded by danger. Which of these bad destinations would you prefer to go on a trip to? Well, get your tickets ready, because it’s time for us to assemble, assassins!

We are glad to introduce you our next monthly theme, Bad Trip, which is divided in three categories: head, body and feet. Click in these areas on our logo below to learn more about each of them. Click in the sword to bring back the origin post.


With summer coming up, we thought it would be appropriate to have a monthly theme related to that, and since Dead Island was getting a definitive edition at the end of last month, the idea of a vacation gone wrong theme emerged. Concept came up with the title "Bad Trip" (and also made the logo for the theme) and we went from there, trying to expand the theme to as many different meanings of a "bad trip" as we could, to make sure everyone could have an applicable game. We hope you enjoy it and participate!

I just can't get you out of my head.

Our minds can project the most incredible things. This category is all about that! Play games that take you on a psychedelic trip. That includes games that are about hallucinations / expansion of consciousness (especially if influenced by drugs) or games that have a psychedelic surrounding.

No body's gonna tell me how.

Our bodies can take us to the most beautiful places during a vacation trip, and when shit happens, it is the tool we need to use for survival. This category is all about that! Play games that take you on a vacation / trip gone wrong or survival games that take place in an island / tropical setting.

Feet don't fail me now.

Our feet are great for running from our psychedelic and vacation nightmares, but sometimes they don't take us too far. What if you were to trip over and fall down to an underground world surrounded by danger? Wouldn't that be a bad trip? This category is all about that! Play games that take you to an underground / underwater world filled with danger.

If you are familiar with a game that you think fits one of the categories and wasn’t listed, please let us know. The lists will be constantly updated based on your suggestions and on what you’re playing.

This website can come in hand for filtering the games in your library.

All entries must be submitted before June 30, 23:59 UTC. You can post now and edit as you go along if you want.

For your entry to be valid, the game you play must be listed in one of the three categories.

Ranking & Prizes

The ranking will work based on a points system that will involve AStats’ / HowLongToBeat’s hours to finish (F), hours to complete (C), points (P) and total of points (TP). Here are the correspondent points for each of the entries:

Entry Points
Has achievements. (C - F) * Σ(P) / TP + F
Does not have achievements. (C + F) / 2

Σ(P) is the sum of the AStats Points of each of the achievements you got during the month (excluding broken / date-specific achievements, so please don’t cheat to get those, since they will not count towards your ranking and might also leave a red flag on your profile).

If you get all of the achievements in a game during this month, you also get an additional 25% of your points.

If you want to replay a game that you already got all of the achievements, it will give you only F points.

If a game doesn’t contain C or F on AStats or HowLongToBeat, I will take the average playtime from BLAEO members who played it for the theme. This might not be the most elegant solution, but there is no better way to deal with it.

As for the prizes, there might be some giveaways, especially with the summer sale coming. We’ll see. But if there will be giveaways, I must warn you that your position in the rankings will not give you any advantage whatsoever. The ranking system is simply there for those who like a fair competition.


June is officially over in UTC, so that means you’re all returning from your bad trips. I hope you all had a horrible time wherever it is that you traveled to, and also that you had a lot of fun there.

The leaderboards are here with some impressive numbers. A total of 116 games were played by 45 members! Breaking that down between each of the three subcategories results in: 48 head games played by 35 players, 41 body games played by 33 players and 21 feet games played by 23 players.

The most played games of the three subcategories were: Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey by 6 players for head, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons & Clockwork Tales: Of Glass And Ink by 8 players each for body, and The Emerald Maiden: Symphony Of Dreams by 6 players for feet. So as you can see, HOGs were very popular this month.

Congratulations to Akantha, SevenDeck, EvilBlackSheep and CaerBannog for being the unique players with the highest points in the All, Head, Body and Feet rankings, respectively. Each of you will get to be player of the week during July, in the order presented above.

The full leadeboards can be found here.

Top Deer25.7786.740112.51
Robin.R *LMSK079.72079.72
Downward Concept2.518.3157.3478.15
Ducky of War035.78035.78
Ignatius Vulcan0025.9525.95
⚔Baron Khazadson15.550015.55
Aeonian Chacma011.06011.06
Blue Knight Senpai04.8504.85

And the prize is: the satisfaction of having beaten so many games from your backlogs. There is no better reward than that. I have decided not to make any giveaways because it is not my intention and, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be the monthly themes’ intention to increase your backlogs.

Do you like the theme? Will you participate?