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The never ending struggle of beating the backlog.

I intend to beat all the (acceptable) games in my library. This promise has taken me way too many years and is still in progress. I don’t intend to complete games. Aiming to get 100% rate is not worth it for me. Completing the main campaign (or similar) and getting as many achievements on the way counts as beating the game for me.

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January 2021

Small progress. Also including overall progress for each month now.


Revenge of the Titans

17.8 hours, 47 of 77 achievements

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Game difficulty goes wonky on this one. To my understanding it does dynamic alteration based on how well you are progressing, which in paper sounds good, but in reality sucks. This means that the game punishes you for excellent results which feels underwhelming. Also, some of the achievements were broken and did not trigger.


15.8 hours, 6 of 20 achievements

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Finally managed to beat the final boss! Took way too many tries. It isn't that difficult in general but single mistake gets you killed and they are quite easy to make. Did not enjoy this game and left a negative review of it. Not my cup of tea.


7% (23/347)
77% (266/347)
8% (27/347)
1% (3/347)
8% (28/347)

December 2020

Didn’t get that much done this month. Hoping to meet my target of 10 (or less) active games in Steam before summer 2021.


One Step From Eden

10.0 hours, 11 of 35 achievements

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Disappointed on this one. I like roguelikes and I like MM Battle Network. Didn't like this one. Actually hated the mechanics when I started. Got more into it after kept playing but I doubt I will like this one. Beat it already but likely do couple more achievements until deleting it.

My Time At Portia

128.2 hours, 75 of 91 achievements

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This game was a time sink. One of the longest single player games in my library. I enjoyed it but it went into chore/grind mode in the end. Especially as I started hunting just couple more achievements which took around 20 hours in the end. Feels good to get this over with so I can focus on other games.

November 2020

Had couple games that I have had lots of trouble beating:

  • Eldritch
  • Hammerwatch: Temple of the Sun campaign

Eldritch requires you to complete the whole game in a single session. There is no save option. It is a stealth/adventure roguelike. The core game loop is tedious. Basically Spelunky as 3D version but in everyway worse. You can finish the game under 10 mins but it is hard (to beat in general regardless of time).

I beat the main campaign of Hammerwatch some years ago in coop. It had another campaign called Temple of the Sun. During summer I took it under progress and reached the final boss and it final phase. I have never seen more unfair boss fight. I left negative review for that game simply because of that single boss fight. Couldn’t beat it no matter how I tried. Cannot change difficulty after starting. Couldn’t ask friend to help because single and multiplayer saves are separate.

So I removed both of them permanently from my library.


Nuclear Throne

15.7 hours, 14 of 44 achievements

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It is a roguelike shooter and hard-ish. The final boss wasn't that hard. The second last boss was what usually killed otherwise successful runs. It has multiple characters and quite many guns. Overall it is a good game of its genre.

Dead Man's Draw

19.8 hours, 18 of 20 achievements

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This one took way too much time to beat. Basic game mechanics are nice and interesting for small gaming sessions. It is a card game so I set the beat criteria to complete all the tournaments in the game. There are way too many of them. They are copies of each other. Opponents remain basically the same. Each tournament may have a specific special rule (e.g. both players have certain trait active). There was just way too many of them and it got boring.


55.2 hours, 25 of 33 achievements

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Poor man's copy of Monster Hunter. More action oriented but I found it in general to less interesting. It has story and characters but it is B grade JRPG level storyline so don't except literature any triumph. Took way too long as I started to play this one in 2018. Got stuck badly in certain stage. Picked it up again, grinded myself new gear and beat the game.


23.2 hours, 22 of 31 achievements

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Unfortunately, not a very good game. It had potential but kinda misses in all regards. Combat isn't fun. It is either boringly tedious or hard and frustrating. Progress feels hard as getting new equipment and levels requires stupid amount of boring grind. Quests are truly wonderful go from A to B, give you very little satisfaction and makes you wonder why you even play this game. Might be somewhat fun with company but alone it is not a good game.

October 2020

Started categorizing games. Noticed that some of them seem to be missing achievement. I guess at least couple of those have had achievements added after I beat the game. Also, got way too many remaster etc. versions of games where I have beaten the original one.


Book of Demons

19.8 hours, 100 of 202 achievements

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Beat the game today. Completed the main campaign on second class (first warrior and the mage). There is third class also available but won’t go for third round. Also, the game has endless mode after the main campaign. Played some of it with the warrior.


2.6 hours, 5 of 17 achievements

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GRIS is artistic puzzle game. Gameplay is quite simplistic platforming with some amount of puzzles included. It is short game, requiring less than three hours to beat. Finding all the secrets would take longer, though. Solid style with gorgeous music. Could have used a bit more animation.


33.5 hours, 85 of 103 achievements

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Grinding resources game. Its mechanism of opening new areas by buying them was nice. Unfortunately, the economy breaks after awhile and game loop becomes tedious. Also, couple of the achievements were broken and I am salty about them.


9.3 hours, 15 of 27 achievements

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I have had this floating around for a time. Completed the main campaign long time ago but felt some of the parts were still unfinished. Completed rogue mode and got all the artifacts I could find during it. Fleet is considered now beaten.

347 games (+8 not categorized yet)
1% never played
7% unfinished
77% beaten
7% completed
8% won't play