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So, i’m going to win this battle. My backlog is decreased to just 49% of my games never played.

Sadly, there are to many bad games (for me) in my library. I’m already on 54 unplayable games. And 147 games that I just couldn’t finish.

The games I won on steamgifts are decreasing as well, although I have some new wins. Just 33% never touched. Just ahead are games that are finished, with 38%. Sadly I can’t play 8% of these games. And 21% I couldn’t finish. :(

games Now Before Difference
Own 900 885 +15
Beaten 178 163 +15
Completed 84 75 +9
Unplayable 54 43 +11
Played but unfinished 147 135 +12
Backlog 437 469 -32

I bought a 360-controller. So I can at least play some games more easily. But you have to get used to it, so my start wasn’t that great, and some games got abonded, because i’v got to get more control. So I started playing dirt 3, just to get a hang of it. Sadly I can’t manage the tricks in this game, but at least i’m getting better. Besides dirt I started playing Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, and just now finished it. Somehow i’m getting better.

Do you people of BLAEO have some suggestions/tips on how to make the best of the controller (except keep practising ofc) And maybe suggest me an other game in my library to master it more and more.

Besides these thing I managed to beat some other games as well. But also managed to win a lot of games in the holiday-season, and even though I didn’t buy a single one my library increased with 15

games Now Before Difference
Own 885 870 +15
Beaten 163 140 +23
Completed 75 71 +4
Unplayable 43 24 +19
Played but unfinished 135 92 +43
Backlog 469 543 -74

My backlog is decreased with 74 games. But don’t be fooled. I did play a lot of games in my holidays, many a smal one (+20). But a big part of my decrease is because i worked my way through another badge of not categorized

games Now Before Difference
Own 870 859 +11
Beaten 140 136 +4
Completed 71 70 +1
Unplayable 24 24 0
Played but unfinished 92 85 +7
Backlog 543 544 -1

Somehow i’m not going that far
Do DLC count as games as well?

It has been some time, and I managed to make my backlog smaller, even with some won games.

I participated in 2 rounds of Play or pay, where somebody else picks 3 games, of which you need 1 to play. Do you fail in 4 weeks, you have to make a ga.

It’s quite fun, because you might discover some hidden gems.

Own 859 games
136 beaten
70 completed
24 unplayable
85 unfinished

Sometimes you finish games that are somehow not finished.
Finished 2 games after another, that seemed incomplete.
First of was Voodoo Whisperer Curse of a Legend.
The story started of nice. But when you should go to the hotel, you ended going up to the bank. A skip in te story. And with a to be continued at the end, and no part 2. It’s a waste of my gametime.

The one I played after that was “secrets of Hildegard”.
Here was the ending so incomplete, I still wonder what it meant. I summoned something, but wth, did I use it to defeat my uncle, does it attack me. I do not know. Meh, I hate these kind of unfinished games

But on a good note.
I won Dreamscapes: The Sandman - Premium Edition, and I already owned Dreamscapes: Nightmare’s Heir - Premium Edition. So I could at last play this serie.
Finished them both. And these are very good and I enjoyed them. This restored my fate in HOG’s

An other I finished was Lichdom, battlemage. I enjoyed the combatsystem of being a mage. Story I enjoyed as well. But the long walks and constant spawning got on my nerves. Repetitive. Still a game which was worth finishing

Then some unplayable games (for me)
Doctor Watson - Treasure Island, got a headache because of this one

That covers the last 2 weeks of september I think

So another 6 marked of my list, of which 5 are finished

This means, 21% beaten, 12% unfinished, and 2% won’t play/unplayable
So 1/3 down. But I expect there will be much more going on my won’t play list. Mostly platformers and some other genre’s, but I’m still choosing games I might like.
There are still 299 unmarked, So to be continued

Forgot to update my games.

Fury of the gods
Midnight mysteries: Salem witch trials
Epistory - typing chronicles
The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent

Played, but not doable:
Shut Up And Dig

3 won in the last 3 weeks. 5 played, so still a small victory

Beaten another bunch of games, but forgot which one, but at least these 2:

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala
Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt For Truth

What happened, not much:

I won Fruit inc deluxe. But managed to beat it as well. So far it was playable. Part 1, I ended on lvl 6, because something makes it impossible to buy things. I’m not the only one with that problem, so not a big deal. Second part completed. Yeah, another SG-won finished

Then I played Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition
Too bad the game hasn’t coupled their achievements to steam. But got it all.

Well, I tried Back to Bed, but my mouse keep dissapearing. Finished a few lvl’s, but I can understand they say use a controller. too bed (bad)

Score this week:
Beaten 1 1/2
Won/added: 1
Unplayable: 1 1/2

I find this still a win for my backlog

What a great start, after the holidays. My backlog decreased.

The emerald maiden 100%
Midnight mysteries, edgar alan poe
Fairy Fencer F
Runaway express mystery
the secret order, part 3
Voices from the sea

Got a key from artifex mundi, by participaing in their contest:
Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

Score this week:

So this time the assassin won :)

Last week before my holiday:

I’ve finished Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher’s Stone

Tried playing ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal.
But I can’t start this game :(

Played huniecam studio. But that’s no fun. Finished one game. But not interested to start over every time. Because your game finishes after 3 or 4 weeks ingame.

Then we have Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
People are very positive, but I find it very repetitive. So on hold for a while

Fairy Fencer F is one I’m enjoying now. Very funny game. 22hr’s so far and so far 11 achievements earned

Pixel birds 2: A game for inbetween, but the crabs are irritating. Beautiful pictures
4 puzzles so far

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. This one i’m playing with my wife. A HOG containing only HOG’s. One after an other. WE are now in the 3rd part (and last i think) of the game

So far working hard on my backlog. But because of some wins, it’s almost as big as before

1088 games (+12 not categorized yet)
44% never played
13% unfinished
27% beaten
11% completed
6% won't play