Last week before my holiday:

I’ve finished Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher’s Stone

Tried playing ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal.
But I can’t start this game :(

Played huniecam studio. But that’s no fun. Finished one game. But not interested to start over every time. Because your game finishes after 3 or 4 weeks ingame.

Then we have Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
People are very positive, but I find it very repetitive. So on hold for a while

Fairy Fencer F is one I’m enjoying now. Very funny game. 22hr’s so far and so far 11 achievements earned

Pixel birds 2: A game for inbetween, but the crabs are irritating. Beautiful pictures
4 puzzles so far

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy. This one i’m playing with my wife. A HOG containing only HOG’s. One after an other. WE are now in the 3rd part (and last i think) of the game

So far working hard on my backlog. But because of some wins, it’s almost as big as before


If you are annoyed of the crabs and don’t need hints, then you can press “Del” on your keyboard and they disappear.
I only used the crabs for the few achievements.


Thanks for the tip


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Is huniecam bad? It looks a good management game to me, it also earned a spot on my wishlist during the summer sales :\


It’s not a bad management game, but I don’t like it when your game finish in around an hour. And then you have to start over again. And with some coins you earn you can unlock things. I like to play longer and not constant starting over again.


Oh, I see. Surely not the best type of play for a management game :\
Thanks for the info :)