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Batman - The Telltale Series, Batman: The Enemy Within - Telltale ^_^
Feather - tiny flying experience
FRAMED Collection - isometric levels aside, rather fun
Gardens Between - straightforward puzzle-lite
Ghost of a Tale - fantastic location (the fortress is beautiful and quite wonderful to explore), nice art style. The game covers only the first “act” of a larger story arch, but is rounded up enough.
Gris - very polished
Paperbark - tiny wombat game
Whispers of a Machine - nice point-and-click adventure


Good job on the progress. I also loved ghost of a tale, and it’s a school of level design I wish more devs would use. Where it’s a smallish world, but each section has significance or is used a few times and each part is distinct. I think a lot of small devs fill out their worlds with empty space to make the game feel ‘bigger’, but a well designed, smaller world actually leaves more of an impression.

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Batman - The Telltale Series, Batman: The Enemy Within - Telltale ^_^

I was pleasantly surprised to see what an improvement it was over the previous game. What with Telltale going bankrupt and all you’d it would be a half-assed effort, but nope. Might actually be one of the better ones from their modern catalog.