Second week of September

Annnnd I am back to not having time to live or to play any video games sigh. One thing is done, another one comes in the way.

Completed games

100 hidden snails 2
Playtime: 11 minutes
Achievements: 100 of 100 (100%)
Review: Damn this one just throws a plot twits at you. I am not gonna say what it is because I don't wanna spoil the "wait what" moment for anyone that might be interested in playing it and haven't gotten it spoiled already. Sadly this was the last one from the series to play before more comes out. It was great and also works great with Proton.

Gosh just keep coming and really a twist geez. Really pack a punch in such a small game. Oh yeah that was a quick find, like the twist


There is another one already too as you saw :D I don’t mind too much, they are cheap, I enjoy them and I get to have an easy game to beat for the week :P

I sussed something wasnt right when I went down the image and there was still 54 or something snails left, but I thought it was just gonna shown a new image when I find the first 50, didn’t expect rainbows :D