Log #006

I bit the bullet

Hello Backloggers! Here is my potato!

Game Progression

So I carried on playing a lot of Shadow of War. Got to a point where I am ok to put it down for a while. Just three achievements to get, though the time requirement for them is not worth it for me at this stage. I am content to get my games above 90% completed to mothball it.

  • Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

    78 hours playtime

    69 of 72 achievements

There was a flippen great deal on a PS4 which I snapped up, hence I have spent the last week or so playing Spiderman. It is an awesome game. The PS also came with Red Dead Redemption 2 which I am planning on playing this weekend, put a dent in that.


Life is casual, the PC backlog is slowing down but the total one is increasing XD hahaha.
Do any of you guys use HLTB to handle console games as well? I like the stats of that site.

Until next time


I can’t say I have heard of HLTB, does it cover all consoles? (PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Gameboy Color, etc.) Might give me resolve to return to some games I have not touched in a while. Good progression with Shadows of War. ^_^


Yeah it covers even mobile. Though for the consoles you need to manually add the hours, it doesn’t track the hours on console. Unless the console tracks hours I think.
Thanks. It might be a 100% game later but for now I am happy