July 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

As I have guessed i haven’t played much this month. I just bought and played Sekiro which was the number 1 of my wishlist for quite a while. I had already beaten it on another platfrom before this but i am glad i have made this break and play again since i could enjoy this so much. I have got all achievements though the last one took me 4+ hours of grinding in the same area. So for now i do not want to see another assination animation quite a while. :( But i heard there is some content will be added the game like boss rush and deathless run tools etc. maybe i will have a look at that.

There is also a SG win i have previously tried and left now i have come back to beat it XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It’s pretty good but i don’t like that at the same time it has tactical gameplay and management stuff. The fact that it has both of them drove me away from the game but this time i have completed the scenario and most of the stuff game has to offer. It was fun but i won’t be coming back to series anytime soon. Just not my cup of tea.

Also thanks Lengray for letting me use their format. o/

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    43 hour playtime - 34 of 34 achievements
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    22 hours playtime - 34 of 85 achievements