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April 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

It’s another amazing month with my gaming stuff. Lots of my backlog are played again, I fairly enjoyed most of them. This patch was mainly for the games waiting so many years to be played. I started most them 1 or more times never get around to finish it. This month though i played from square all of them except 2.

This month i would like to mention 2 gems. I highly recommend checking them out if something like that interests you.

First of them is Pixel Shinobi Nine demons of Mamoru. It’s basicly what you expect a pixelated ninja game where you can approach full stealth or go berserk through out levels. Bosses were kinda easy but really fun to play agaisnt. Normal levels are more challenging and if you are going for the challenges that presented to you it feels more harder. Gameplay is really fluent and when you cut someone game gave you that feeling. Really satisfying to play. But a bit short keep that in mind.

Second one is The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human. Oh boy that game blew my mind with challenging part of it. I like “hard” games but the fact that i was expecting something like Song of the Deep If you don’t know this is a metroidvania style submarine game i highly recommend it too. calming, exploration stuff added another layer of surprise and i loved it. It’s a boss rush kind of game with some exploration. You basicly went away for quite a while and people are gone when you get back and you are trying to figure what the hell happened. Environmental story telling besides some explanation through left messages give you idea about the world. Mostly a silent, atmoshperic game.

I will put those two in the front so you can check them out.

Started this month;

  • Pixel Shinobi: Nine demons of Mamoru

    7 hours playtime

    49 of 78 achievements

  • The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

    8 hours playtime

    15 of 21 achievements

  • Killer is Dead

    10 hours playtime

    24 of 48 achievements

  • LISA

    14 hours playtime

    28 of 68 achievements

  • Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

    13 hours playtime

    45 of 63 achievements

  • Rayman Origins

    9 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Real Boxing™

    10 hours playtime

    9 of 11 achievements

  • Serial Cleaner

    5 hours playtime

    20 of 28 achievements

  • Shelter 2

    4 hours playtime

    1 of 26 achievements

  • Splasher

    9 hours playtime

    24 of 47 achievements

  • Unepic

    27 hours playtime

    40 of 57 achievements

  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

    3 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

  • Star Sky

    5 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

  • Whispering Willows

    7 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

Started earlier finished this month;

  • BloodRayne: Betrayal

    8 hours playtime

    3 of 12 achievements

  • Broforce

    13 hours playtime

    9 of 17 achievements

This month’s played games

I probably played this game the most of the month and it’s one big love and hate relationship. I am talking about Darkest Dungeon. I bought this game around thie time it was released to early access. I remember how people were reacting certain updates, like corpses and heart attack and i was like it can’t be that hard but i told to myself i would wait until it’s full release. And yeah i waited this many years to play it. :p I started 2 times but couldn’t get into it since whenever i do something game flip me so hard it was kinda hard to get into. Then i got ambitious and started learning aand ta daa it clicked. This game is fantastic only part i didn’t enjoy is preperation kinda wears me down so i can’t play long hours. So in short this game can make your day or you will find yourself yelling at a video game character why the they are refusing to accept an HEAL…

Other one is after 5 years i get back into GTA Online. If you are playing you can send me a message we can do some missions together.

  • Darkest Dungeon

    54 hours playtime

    48 of 104 achievements

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Rockstar Launcher

    35 of 77 achievements

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March 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

I wasn’t really playing games for a couple of months so this lockdown made me play some but oh boy this is a personal record. I have finished around 15 games. Too bad 10 of them were bought last and this month so not good for backlog :p I usually write something about games but i don’t think i will this time. Only one game i will mention Nier: Automata. I went in blind so i had no idea how the game was but it blew my mind. Such a good game, such an experience.

Started this month;

  • NieR:Automata™

    56 hours playtime

    47 of 47 achievements

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    37 hours playtime

    76 of 99 achievements

  • GRIS

    6 hours playtime

    17 of 17 achievements

  • Iconoclasts

    21 hours playtime

    10 of 11 achievements

  • Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

    5 hours playtime

    10 of 23 achievements

  • Oxenfree

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 13 achievements


    7 hours playtime

    6 of 8 achievements


    3 hours playtime

    15 of 15 achievements


    76 minutes playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

  • Death's Gambit

    10 hours playtime

    18 of 34 achievements

Started earlier finished this month;

  • The Surge

    28 hours playtime

    34 of 67 achievements

  • Hand of Fate

    14 hours playtime

    11 of 53 achievements

  • BattleBlock Theater

    15 hours playtime

    15 of 30 achievements

  • Hook

    5 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • the earth is a better person than me

    86 minutes playtime

    no achievements

Also I started this one but I am not a fan of timed puzzles and VN style stuff so i am not sure what to with it;

  • Battle Chef Brigade

    4 hours playtime

    3 of 25 achievements

September 2019 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

So this month i mainly played multiplayer games and i have been having a blast with Brawlhalla. Also I have bought and finished Blasphemous.

So Blasphemous is a pretty good game since i really like metroidvanias and souls like games. Although i don’t think this one is souls like. Only checkpoint system is similiar. Also i first finished the game without using much of the metroidvania elements. So i kind of find that part a little underwhelming. By this i mean you dont have things like “you should get that item to get past here”. They had a different approach. But if you want to explore there are tons of things that you might find useful. Combat is fluid and i like the bosses. But the main point is theme for this game. The world and the desing are so well done. Also executions are so satisfying and i wish there would be more than one animation for them. Game is not that hard especially at later parts. The hard part for me was the language they use. I didn’t understand much of it. So had to use try and learn approach.

  • Blasphemous

    21 hours playtime

    39 of 45 achievements

  • Brawlhalla

    133 hours playtime

    38 of 39 achievements

August 2019 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

This month I have played some of the most interesting games i have played. Tulpa, The Magical Silence and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice all themed as psychological and then boom Yakuza 0. That game makes you live in that tiny colorful cities as a yakuza. What does a true yakuza do you ask? They buy erotic magazine for children so that children doesnt lose his hope on adults! Yeah hardcore stuff! I have only done half of the optional stuff since it felt overwhelming for me, i will definetly come back later for my bussiness.

So this month’s gem for me is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. I didn’t expected such a wonderful experience out of the game. Especially when you play with headphones. I played it through xbox game pass beta

Another well recieved game i have beaten was Shovel Knight. I am starting to think i don’t like platformers much. :D It was beautifully done and attention to details in that game shows how much love have put in it. But i didn’t enjoy it as much as i thought i would. Also i enjoyed Specter Knight dlc much much better. But i dropped Plague Knight dlc. If you like old school games it’s definetly for you.

I guess this is the guilt part of the backlog, i didn’t think i would reconsider playing my oldish Steamgifts wins. But since making this list some of them caught my eye. So I have played 3 of them since they were fairly short. Completed 2 of them they were enjoyable but i dropped Secrets of Rætikon. I like that kind of game exploration, nice art and short but for some reason it gives me nausea. FPS games also make me like that but this one was a first. I dropped it because of that in the past. Recently with BLAEO’s encouragement i decided to give it another go. But game was bugged in the last section and with bug it was impossible to finish. It was known bug from 2014 so i didn’t bother. It has been quite some time since i last dropped a game. It was cool, shame.

Sundered is a bit mixed bag for me since i am currently at last boss and i haven’t/couldn’t beat it. Sundered is kinda okay-ish game but i dont really understand what they wanted to with that game. They just throw stuff at you and expect you to survive to finish the game. Not a fan of that design. I don’t think i will try another endings or stuff. It already feels repetitive for me on the first run.

Lastly i am really enjoying Brawlhalla. Hit me up if you want to play some. o/

  • Tulpa

    7 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • The Magical Silence

    74 minutes playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • Yakuza 0

    48 hours playtime

    25 of 55 achievements

  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

    15 hours playtime

    16 of 85 achievements

  • Moustache Mountain

    6 hours playtime

    8 of 15 achievements

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Another Platform

    13 of 14 achievements

  • Sundered

    13 hours playtime

    14 of 20 achievements

  • Brawlhalla

    49 hours playtime

    25 of 39 achievements

SG Wins

  • Overgrowth

    6 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Intrusion 2

    7 hours playtime

    9 of 14 achievements


  • Secrets of Rætikon

    3 hours playtime

    7 of 19 achievements

July 2019 Beaten & Completed Games

I have had free time this month so i finished some games. Every one of them was really good except First Tree; visiuals were okay, everything else was kinda boring but again Crosscode was the real gem. I highly recommend it. Also I finished Demon’s Souls since i learned i can finish it on an emulator.

  • CrossCode

    64 hours playtime

    70 of 86 achievements

  • Dark Devotion

    18 hours playtime

    35 of 45 achievements

  • RiME

    6 hours playtime

    18 of 31 achievements

  • SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption

    6 hours playtime

    48 of 60 achievements

  • They Bleed Pixels

    22 hours playtime

    41 of 150 achievements

  • The First Tree

    3 hours playtime

    7 of 14 achievements

  • AER Memories of Old

    6 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • The Room Three

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

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14% unfinished
31% beaten
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