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May 2021 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

Hello people. I was pretty sure that i would need at least two months to finish Persona 4 Golden but oh well 4 days of lockdown holiday might as well happen. So i finished Persona in a 4.5 days of binge. I would say it is not what i expected. There were so much VN stuff going for my taste, they are still interesting but i liked the main story parts a bit more. Even though it is not really for me to keep me this engaged this long shows how good the game is. So a couple bad stuff, first i didnt understand what the hell i was doing by doing stuff. Also that god awful merging system. And Game’s language was too vague for a blind playthrough. It was the first game that i had to use guides on my first playthrough. Lastly pacing might be a little bit better. Through to end of the game i had nothing to do. There were empty days and stuff. You know how’s stressful thing an empty day on Persona. :( Even with shortcomings it is still a top notch game despite it’s age.

Another game i have finished was The Vagrant. I bought it through Nariel’s recommendation. And as he said I was quite surprised how well made that game for it’s price. I have nothing to complain except that lastish boss. I would never understand why indie games’ last bosses are such spikes in difficulty. I definetly recommend it to people who likes metroidvanias and side scroller action games. This game is kinda hard to give points. It is not amazing but price/value is off the charts.

  • Persona 4 Golden
    77 hours playtime - 38 of 50 achievements
  • The Vagrant
    12 hours playtime - 21 of 40 achievements

Also bought and almost finished Cloudpunk. It is a very unique and fun game. Especially npc interactions are the most fun. I will put a bit more detail when i finish.

  • Cloudpunk
    9 hours playtime - 54 of 79 achievements

April 2021 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

Hello people. April was a good month i did play more than a couple and finished too. Also one of the games was getting my interest from day one. I will start with it.

Monster Sanctuary was always in my radar since i like pokemon games. I like the idea of different mechanics in a monster catching game and it delivered. Although it is not a casual run of pokemon. Rather a good strategic game especially in the fight between monster catchers. At the end it peaks such a steep curve on the difficulty so i gotta use a specific team rather then whatever i felt like it. Other than that aspect game was perfect for me. So much variety on monsters and tactics. You have really good tools to raise monsters so you can always change your team. It has good metroidvania elements and locking exploration into catching some monsters made the game interesting to catch monsters besides just collecting them. It felt like they actually had a purpose. Also fairly interesting plot and characters. Side quests were fun. I definetly recommend it for people who enjoy monster catching games and metroidvanias.

Another game i finished was Little Nightmares. I was not sure to buy it so i was hesistant until it was given away and told my self gotta play that after. It doesnt have much to talk. It has amazing visual story telling, high tension gameplay, interesting story. Although at times it is pretty clunky gameplaywise, it is definetly worth checking out. Also pretty short game.

Technically these two games got finished yesterday but i will include them to last month,
Punch Club is a loong backlog of mine. This game thought me again that i really dont like management games. I left it half way through the game years ago. I turned back and finished using guides and stuff. Because i just want to get over with. It is not a bad game, it is just not my cup of tea. If money wasnt part of the game i would enjoyed it a little more.

Rusty Lake Hotel is another game that i was not sure to pick up but always in my radar. So again getting it for free made me instantly play it. I dont know how but i like these dark point click, gory, escape room style games. It is pretty short and fairly interesting and detailed game. So give it a go if you got it too.

  • Monster Sanctuary
    38 hours playtime - 31 of 34 achievements
  • Little Nightmares
    4 hours playtime - 11 of 22 achievements
  • Punch Club
    18 hours playtime - 38 of 47 achievements
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  • Rusty Lake Hotel
    2 hours playtime - 23 of 23 achievements
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Also started playing 2 games. Dicey Dungeon just for a run here and there and Persona 4 Golden which will probably take a couple of months to finish but we will see.

  • Dicey Dungeons
    2 hours playtime - 2 of 53 achievements
  • Persona 4 Golden
    40 minutes playtime - 0 of 50 achievements
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March 2021 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

I skipped february since all february and first half of the March went to one game and that is Nioh 2. It was a highly anticipated game for me and it delivered. It is not really different from the first game but it was already a good formula and they made it better. In the first Nioh bosses felt underwhelming for me but this time they are pretty good. There also really cool new weapons but i cant help playing with kusarigama again. :p I definetly recommend this series to souls like fans but i cant recommend Nioh 2 to people who didnt play first one since game assumes you already played it.
Second game game is long waited WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY. This game was a gift to me but boy it was a hell to play. I only liked the base combat mechanic of this game. I didnt like anything else. Map desing is linear and repetetive, story is boring as hell, i didnt encounter any new “mirage” after 10 hour of gameplay all of them was recolor of some others and characters are probably there to give some people “oh look final fantasy characters in chibi” vibe. I am a bit guilty with this game since gave me a kinda fake ending and i took. It is game’s faulth making me battle last boss 2 times already. I dont care about the third time… Yeah stay away unless you are a big fan of final fantasy games.
Third is a newly released game. Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- was at early access for a while and i was waiting it to get realeased and it did a couple of days ago. It is a very well done metroidvania with episodic approach. It was already very well recieved but it was even better than i expected. Very solid and polished gameplay, kinda interesting story not much, fast paced and fluid character movement to make backtrack easier. A bit downside for me, i found the game a bit easy for my taste and it is fairly short too, ~6 hours of gameplay time. I definetly recommend it.

  • Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition
    103 hours playtime - 63 of 88 achievements
    24 hours playtime - 13 of 49 achievements
  • Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-
    6 hours playtime - no achievements
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January 2021 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

So i couldnt play much games for a couple of months. But in January i could make make some time for it. So i finished 3 games and played 1 game.
Firstly i want to talk about Vigil: The Longest Night that i have already mentioned before. After some months i am able to finish it. I can say it is quite a good and challenging game as a metroidvania. I fairly enjoyed it. It has stamina based combat and a bonfire system but when you die you go back to your last save. You can call it souls-like and it is a well done one. Only mechanic i was not happy with dying rolls back to last save. But there is an item that lets you save anywhere so it balances it out. Even though i only used it at the end of the game, it is there. Also i need to mention game looks absolutely beautiful.
Second game i have finished is Minoria infact a gift from Nasko. He was kind enough to gift and i really enjoyed it too. Again same kind of game as Vigil but it felt way more polished especially combat. Good metroidvania with anime style characters. Story is not interesting but colorful and grim world keep things interesting.
Third one is STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. I got this through EA play discount. I was mildly interested in it since i like jedi stuff but i never considered buying it. So it was a good opportunity to try out the game. It turned out well and game is pretty good. It can also be considered souls like, i dont know why companies so hooked in this idea. I am not complaning though it sure make things interesting and a bit more challenging. I like games this way. For the game itself it had interesting but predictable story. Core mechanics were good and fluid to play. I cant say it was great but it is a solid game. I feel this every with evey big game i play these days. They feel so safe.

  • Vigil: The Longest Night
    20 hours playtime - 33 of 47 achievements
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™
    19 hours playtime - 29 of 39 achievements
  • Minoria
    6 hours playtime - 12 of 15 achievements
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Also i got another gift from Nariel. The game is World of Final Fantasy. We talk about it with Nariel sometime and he was kind enough to gift it to me as a new year gift. I am a fan of Pokemon games so this took my interest pretty quick. Although i have never play any FF games i felt like this might be suited my taste a bit more. But after playing 18+ hours i feel so underwhelmed by the game it is heart breaking for me. Story isnt engaging, catching monsters gets stale after a while since they are recolor of old ones. I didnt see any “new” creature for like last 5+ hours of game play. Cutscenes and scripted fights kill the game’s momentum. Negatives aside combat system is fairly interesting. It’s what keeps me in the game. Also probably seeing all FF characters like that would be interesting too if i know who were they. :D I will talk about it more when i finished. o/

    19 hours playtime - 11 of 49 achievements

October 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

October was very busy month on the work side so no games have yet finished. Even i only now get the time to post this. I mainly played Genshin Impact to relax and do stuff daily but after a while i got bored out of it. I tend to like games that has an end i guess. It is a pretty good game if anybody is interested in grind based single player gatcha experience. Even if you want to experience breif story of it, i still suggest you to play it.
Other game i played And still playing is Vigil: The Longest Night. It came out as a birthday present for me. :p But as i am way too busy to focus on playing a game i couldn’t finish it. The story is interesting so far and i find the game pretty responsive. Also it looks gorgeous. Vigil is very much like Salt and Sanctuary if you are into that kinda game i really suggest you to check it out.

  • Vigil: The Longest Night
    3.5 hours playtime - 4 of 47 achievements
  • Genshin Impact
    Own Launcher

September 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

Hello good people of community. \o/ Another month has passed and i beat some games as we all. This month’s games mainly bought or got it for free in this month so not much on backlog side. First game i beat was Tom Clancy’s The Division™. It was a wanted game but i never get to try it. When i played it, i found it that it is exactly what i was thinking. Repetitive mmo style gun looter. It was a good distraction for me for a while but the bullet sponge enemies gets old too quick. Game world is pretty detailed and good but everything else is just average to me to like it more.
Second game is a wishlist game from the release Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I usually like to play games with no knowledge at all and start with highest diffuculty available. Oh boy and that aspect made the game more interesting. It is interestingly hard and i find it to be fairly close to Hollow Knight. It is very combat heavy and quite challanging. They tried to make this make different from first game but i felt like they tried too hard at some points of the game. It’s not like dying make you lose anything but still it is annoying in bosses especially. A little spoiler if you want an easy start buy the hammer and spike for really good damage. Final mention of the game; gorgeos environment, amazing animations, hardish gameplay and an average story. I didnt find it as emotinoal as the first one.
Third one is attached to a”sigh finally”. Immortal Planet is a “souls-like” game i wanted to get into but it is kinda boring. Also i realized that i started from the wrong area last two times. Nothing is really there to tell much, it is a game with a stamina based combat system. A little bit rpg and interesting boss battles. I like some gameplay ideas but it feels below average as a whole.
Last one can be considered a gem. Also it is good with the month’s theme since it is kind of spooky. The Supper is a FREE game with 20 minutes of point & click gameplay. I dont want to spoil much since there is so little, try out for yourselves if you are into spooky stuff.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    20 hours playtime - 29 of 37 achievements
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division™
    29 hours playtime - 24 of 57 achievements
  • Immortal Planet
    10 hours playtime - 7 of 9 achievements
  • The Supper
    21 minutes playtime

This month i also got a month of Gamepass Ultimate for Nitro gift. So I have that but i am not really interested any game from there. Still i tried CARRION and found that it is pretty short. Last time it gave me nausea when i played but i am not sure to drop it yet. I will try to finish it. To be honest this was a disappointment too even though i had no expectations.


Also i already tried to play this game for 3 times already. Last time i tried this month and i am posivite that i dont want to play it anymore. I really like the genre but game just doesnt click for me. So La Mulana is dropped.

  • La-Mulana
    3 hours playtime - 2 of 64 achievements

August 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

I have finished 2 games this month. One of them was Horizon Zero Dawn and I can say it is truly a great game. One of the better done open worlds i have seen. “Ancient” people’s story was interesting and weapon variety was good too. Even though they made every detail pretty good in overall it just feels average. Sure it is fun and i like the characters but it wouldnt be one of my top picks.

The other one was long time waited Wizard of Legend. I don’t know why i keep buying rogue-likes and rogue-lites. Definetly not my style of gaming. I don’t like to replay games and those genres are all about that. But they are so shiny I am a sucker for well done pixel art for me to resist. Luckliy for me this one was pretty easy to defeat and I didnt see much of a difference to continue when i defeated it once. Yeah there is boss rush type of stuff but i am not sure if i can finish it 1 more time let alone doing boss rush. :D I suck at these kind of games and i like real progress with my games. Overall it was fast paced and i enjoyed it.

Also thanks Lengray for letting me use their format. o/

  • Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition
    55 hours playtime - No achievements on Epic
  • Wizard of Legend
    7 hours playtime - 10 of 19 achievements

July 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

As I have guessed i haven’t played much this month. I just bought and played Sekiro which was the number 1 of my wishlist for quite a while. I had already beaten it on another platfrom before this but i am glad i have made this break and play again since i could enjoy this so much. I have got all achievements though the last one took me 4+ hours of grinding in the same area. So for now i do not want to see another assination animation quite a while. :( But i heard there is some content will be added the game like boss rush and deathless run tools etc. maybe i will have a look at that.

There is also a SG win i have previously tried and left now i have come back to beat it XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It’s pretty good but i don’t like that at the same time it has tactical gameplay and management stuff. The fact that it has both of them drove me away from the game but this time i have completed the scenario and most of the stuff game has to offer. It was fun but i won’t be coming back to series anytime soon. Just not my cup of tea.

Also thanks Lengray for letting me use their format. o/

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    43 hour playtime - 34 of 34 achievements
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    22 hours playtime - 34 of 85 achievements

June 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

I haven’t played as much as last months. I will probably play way less now too but we will see. I have finally finished Darkest Dungeon after grinding it out for like 10 hours. Grinding part was not fun but i really enjoyed the game. They have added pvp to the game but a game takes too long for my liking so i am not really into that. Also i randomly purchased a game called Tales of the Neon Sea it was better than i expected. I am a sucker when it comes to pixel art and that game felt so good to look at. Definetly recommended if you are into detective-point and click stuff. Also i was seeing a game around called Helltaker, since it’s free i gave it a shot it was fairly enjoyable and it was like 40 mins gameplay.

And yeah, i want to talk about Journey since it was a highly anticipated game for me. I bought it the moment it was avaliable on steam. I didn’t buy it on Epic because i like to use Steam’s features more like screenshots and stuff. Game was not really as pleasing as i hope to be though. I enjoyed Abzu much more. Also i wouldnt guess that it would be frustrating to play with a random person. In a section that random person made me get caught twice because they were so eager to rush the level for some reason. :D But sticking with someone through the end felt a little warm inside. Definetly recommended too.

Finished Games

  • Darkest Dungeon

    77 hours playtime

    61 of 120 achievements

  • Journey

    2 hours playtime

    3 of 14 achievements

  • Tales of the Neon Sea

    9 hours playtime

    53 of 58 achievements

  • Helltaker

    52 minutes playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

There are 2 more games i have finished too but they are on emulators. One of them was Pokemon Shield i wasn’t even aware that i can play it on PC. Not working perfectly but it was manageable for me to enjoy it. Also i finished Pokemon Alpha Sapphire after some months.

  • Pokemon Shield


    20ish hours playtime

  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire


    30ish hours playtime

Played Games

Also with a friend recommendation i played a little bit Albion Online. I didn’t enjoy it much though but i might play a little in the future.

  • Albion Online

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 109 achievements

May 2020 Beaten - Completed & Played Games

May was mostly focused on GTA Online only. I played it a lot and i am now at the end game part of it. But the content just blew my mind it was so fun. I will just leave it here first.

  • Grand Theft Auto V

    Rockstar Launcher

    48 of 77 achievements

So the main star of the month was Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The amount of detail and care in this game is simply amazing. If you are remotely interested in metroidvanias this is a must play. Others were good too nothing amazing imo. Hotline Miami gets a lot of praise but i didn’t really get the hype though. Maybe because i have played it this late.

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    20 hours playtime

    33 of 45 achievements

  • Hotline Miami

    7 hours playtime

    11 of 35 achievements


    8 hours playtime

    20 of 22 achievements

  • Papers, Please

    14 hours playtime

    10 of 13 achievements

Also started playing Akane. It’s a fun game. I will play until i get bored of it, it’s kinda endless. I couldn’t finish Darkest Dungeon yet. I have only left last two dungeons and no characters to play them. Grinding drove me away from the game for sometime. I will finish it along the way.

  • Darkest Dungeon

    66 hours playtime

    55 of 120 achievements

  • Akane

    2 hours playtime

    6 of 35 achievements

I also drop one game learning it’s kinda a roguelike and i felt bored of it.


    3 hours playtime

    2 of 35 achievements

520 games (+653 not categorized yet)
32% never played
13% unfinished
32% beaten
9% completed
14% won't play