A New Challenge Game Has Been Slain!

4.5 hours, 13 achievements

Half-Life 2

Costume Quest

4.5 hours
13 of 21 achievements

I was challenged to beat quite a few stuff and at the pace, things are going i definitely don't think i am going to finish anytime soon but I did finish this and it was quite fun it felt like I was playing the stick of truth at least with the combat this is honestly what the fractured but whole should of played like. It has some good comedy and some great childlike innocence and great references like the one it did to Narnia near the end thoroughly enjoyed playing it and thank the person who challenged me to play this

Whats coming Next

8½ Hours, 35 achievements

Half-Life 2

South Park The Fractured But Whole

7/10 hype
5.10 hours
3 of 35 achievements

costume quest reminded me of the south park games and while i can already tell the first game is much better than this one i still want to play it so i will plus the title is great


I loved Costume Quest. I liked the sequel even more!

Noble Gamer

Hey glad you enjoyed Costume Quest near the Halloween season!