Update 46: March 16th till 22nd

Since Friday we are mostly finished with preparing for lockdown at work, but it cost several h of overtime each day for me and my teammates, so gaming time was basically very rare. Hopefully it will get better now.

Half-Life 2


25.2 hours
19 of 54 achievements

Fun game, once I was able to see something, had to set the gamma settings way higher so that I could navigte. Otherwise game was too dark. But it gave me an opportunity to decompress a bit after the stress at work.

Half-Life 2

A Hat in Time

13.2 hours
16 of 46 achievements

Nice platformer. Was a fun game with all the special skills to learn and stuff to equip. Sometimes a bit hard to find my way around the maps. Could probably be a lot of fun in coop.

green = PoP thanks to aragon789 & BarbaricGenie for challenging me
red = Monthly in a Month
grey = BLAEO monthly theme
orange = completions/for fun games

Overall Backlog Progress: -0,1% unfinished/never played games :)

9.66% (85/880)
9.77% (86/880)
6.25% (55/880)
71.93% (633/880)
2.39% (21/880)
Overall SG Wins Progress: +0,64% unfinished/never played games :(

25.00% (44/176)
23.30% (41/176)
2.84% (5/176)
46.59% (82/176)
2.27% (4/176)
Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 4 games in the last week and gifted one by steam. And I've beaten/completed 2 games, so that makes a +3 for the last week and a total of +4 for March. Hopefully I can beat more games next week.

SG wins:

Gifts: thank you steam

Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

Monthly in a Month:
PA: none

PoP: thanks to aragon789 & BarbaricGenie for challenging me

BLAEO monthly:


Just for fun:

you got gifted the free game?


ROFL by steam