2022 / 10th Completed Game

2.2 hours

Wow, this has to be the funniest game I ever played xD
Because just imagine that you play as a turnip… who commits tax evasion… and meets a streamer who is also guarding a barn… also an apple with an anime face… It's soo weird and random I can't even describe it!

For a more "serious" review, there isn't much to say about the game, it is so simple it sometimes hurts: the whole gameplay uses the simple "go to A and retrieve an object then go to point B" mechanism - the games beauty lies in the dialogues and the excellent graphics!
As I see there are some objectives to complete after beating it, I might also try out those!
To just burn braindeadly 2 hours this is a perfect game!


Forgive me if you’re the person I asked this to last time, but…if the only redeeming qualities are the graphics and the dialogue, wouldn’t it be better to watch a lets-play of the game for free instead of paying $15 for painfully-simple gameplay?