MAY 2019

Help: I get comments from BAELO members on my post but I don’t receive any notification about them and I only know about it once I visit BALEO. Is there any way to get comment notifications? I would like to reply to comments on time and show members respect for supporting me.

Another month and nothing out of it :(

I started playing Ubermosh, which I recently purchased for reason 1) Positive Reviews 2) Seemed like I would like it. 3) Historical low price 4) Soundtrack was available for purchase.

I started playing the game and quickly realised that it is going to be a total clickfest. I did manage to get 2 achievements and would probably be able to get more once I get back to the game but for now, I am not playing it.

I also have added GTA III, GTA Vice City, The Mooseman, Pinstripe, Styx: Masters of Shadows to my playlist in the coming future.

Currently playing Saints Row The Third with steam friends from BALEO to get the co-op achievements.

That’s it for this month. Nothing particularly exciting that happened. Hopefully, next month will be different.


I don’t think it’s actually possible to get notifications from this site but then I’ve never tried I just go on it a lot to see if anyone has commented/posted. It’s nice to see that you got some friends here to help you with those co-op achievements


I am very grateful for them for adding me up and accepting my friend requests including you :)

From the people I added or got added, I have played with Formidolusus & Spamlynguist and had an amazing experience.

Hoping to with something with you too in the future.


when I first saw the request I was so confused but then I saw your profile info and was like thats the blaeo guy!


Hahahahaha, glad that you did not decline the request.


Ahh yeah it was fun going through the saints row activities with some one else. I think we were a pretty crack team, and thanks to you I’ve finally finished the game, after 6 and half years of owning it. Guess it will be on to SRIV sometime in the future then.


Definitely looking forward to the SRIV carnage :D


Appreciate it dude! I’m having a blast with SR3. If you ever need someone for other SR games, I would be super down