Half-Life 2

FIND ALL 3: Travel

6.6 hours
72 of 72 achievements

This game is GREAT for people that like hidden object games.

It's cute and every level feels different from the others.

I "only" used the hint button 7 times, so I am for some reason proud of myself for passing all 3 levels with my time :)

Side note: I also love that the places turns into color when you have found enough items


Wow, 6.6 hours? Seems like this one is more substantial than the first Find All game, then (I just checked my playtime on that one, 0.6 hours haha). If you like the “coloring in” mechanic then definitely also check out Hidden Cats in London/Paris.


Or maybe I am just really bad at searching ;) nah I had to take breaks once in a while because of eye migraine.
I believe I have one of those games and I hope to get the other ^^