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Third week of August

Surprisingly enough I made some OK progress this week :) and I am now really close hitting that 30% beaten games goal I made for myself for this year \o/ It might not sound a lot to some people but when you own +2100 games and tend to mostly 100% them it is a whole lot of games and hours o.o

Completed SG wins

Playtime: 17 minutes
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: This game did not age well, nor did the "comedy" in it. Sound settings don't work and if you don't happen to be from the USA and don't know much about sports there it is basically a GG. Runs fine with Proton at least but it causes some really weird stuff to happen to the OS if you tab out.

Other completed games

Northern Tale 3
Playtime: 9.4 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review:Just like the fist 2 games in the series this one is also a nice time/resource management game and it also runs without issues with Proton. Not much more to say really.
Gingerbread Story
Playtime: 3.7 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: Probably the first match 3 game where I went in a fuck this shit mode. It starts OK but it quickly turns into a too hard, non enjoyable hard mode mess and I have this suspicious feeling this was a mobile game. Runs fine with Proton.
Jane's Realty
Playtime: 2.3 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: It would have been an OK but old looking time/resource management game if it wouldn't have become a little bit too hard and laggy by the end of it. I am not sure if the laggines was caused by Proton or not, but other than that I didn't have any other issues with it.
Where's My What?
Playtime: 4.4 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A really easy hidden object game that you can cheese really easily due to its flawed programming. For some reason a friend of mine decided to buy it when he saw me playing it and messaged me "this game is shit" soon after :D No shit Sherlock. Works fine with Proton.

I feel you on the “You don’t know Jack” games. Back in the day I played the original one a lot on Facebook, but they have not aged that well. And you are totally right about the “needing to be American” part to get a lot of the questions. And also a lot of fun came from playing with various people from around the world. So I honestly don’t know why they only included a local multi-player in it.

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For this one I get why it is not online multiplayer as it is almost as old as me, but for the newer ones it is just stupid. I guess you can still kinda play it via screen-sharing (did that before), but it would be nice to have a proper online version.


Is that a dig at my age 😝

I mean I can understand why there are no online multi-player now, but there was never one implemented and that is something that I don’t understand for a quiz game.

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No, my own. But I am not quite sure if I am implying that I am old or young :D I sure do hope I aged better than the game at least :P