14.5 hours, 17 of 26 achievements

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Halo: Combat Evolved

8 hours, 17 of 26 achievements

I played this game when it was new on PC, and I remembered enjoying the first 2/3 of it, particularly the 4th level. But nearing the end, I remembered the game taking a nose-dive, and becoming annoying to play, as a new enemy type is introduced. The new enemy type was not difficult, just annoying, and boring to fight.

Now after replaying it, I can safely say that my memory of the game was correct. The first ~2/3 is good, the 4th level is great, but then the game just nose-dives off a cliff towards the end, and becomes a chore.

Halo has some great outdoors level design, and the main enemy for most of the game, the Covenant, are a good fit for this kind of environment. While I would not say that the enemies are smart, they have been scripted pretty well, which gives the impression of them using the environment well, and them working together. It's made better by the fact that the enemy has several different races working together, and they all work differently. While Half-Life and FEAR, two other games that are known for their good AI, are limited to a few types of enemies that work together, and that follow the same basic AI script..

But towards the late game two new categories of enemies are introduced, one far more common than the other. The more common enemy type is basically space zombies, that just try to rush you. Fitting for space zombies, but they're simply not fun to fight. And there are of course loads of them. The level design also seem to take a turn for the worse together with the enemies. Repeating corridors is no fun to fight in….

I get why Halo is fondly remembered, and had it stopped at level 5, I would have said that it's a fantastic game, but it does not stop at level 5…

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

10.9 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Telltale's first Batman game was really good, so I was looking forward to trying this one. I even bought it during the sale, but then it got bundled (bottom tier even), so I got a refund, and bought the bundle instead.

This game explores Batman and his complicated relationship with the joker, and by extension, the darker side of himself. It's an interesting premise, and it's executed well, but it's a shame that the detective parts from the first game got so scaled back. I would say that this is one of Telltale's better games, but not their absolute best.

This game also got me interested in finding out more about The Riddler. That villain always seemed goofy and non-threatening, but this game showed a different side of him, one that made me think that he might well be one of the most interesting batman villains.

Halo Wars 2

5 hours, no achievements

I played the first Halo Wars about a year and a half ago. I did not really intend to play the second one, but then I noticed that this one was made by Creative Assembly, and they're usually pretty good.

This game feels like a game a development studio makes to keep the lights on, while they work on the thing they actually want to make. It feels a bit passionless. That's not to say that it's a hackjob, because it's really not. This game has exceptionally high production value, for an RTS. It looks good, it sounds good, the voice acting is good, but the gameplay is rather uninspired. It's also incredibly easy. I thought that the first Halo Wars was easy, but this takes easy to a whole new level. This games hard mode is seriously easier than the easy mode of most RTSs. This really clashes with the story of some levels. Everyone's chattering about how desperate your fight is, and you're sitting there, feeling invincible, because the enemy can't even take down one of your units…

This is a pretty easy skip. It's a rather soulless game, that lacks in difficulty, and they did not even have the courtesy of giving you the complete story. It ends on a cliffhanger, and I guess I would have to buy the DLC to get the complete story. That's not happening.

Oh, and the game also has a very pay to win multiplayer mode. As you play the game you'll be given card packs, these card packs give you units to use in the multiplayer mode. You need to make a deck there, with the units you want to bring, and getting more card packs won't just give you more options for how to build your deck, but they'll also make the units you have stronger. Get duplicate cards and the cards you have level up, and the best way to get more card packs is of course to open your wallet, thus if you spend money on the game, you get units that are just stronger versions of what other people get, with no drawbacks.

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You put wrong name in your Halo panel :p And what did you mean by this

It’s made better by the fact that the enemy has several different races working together, and they all work differently While Half-Life and FEAR.

Was there supposed to be more here? Sorry if it’s dumb question but it doesn’t make sense to me lol


Ah thanks, Halo panel fixed. I was certain I wrote down the name, but maybe it got a bit wonky as Halo is not a game I own on steam, but rather I use the Xbox client for it, so it could not simply fetch the information from there.

And yes, there was supposed to be a bit more there :P The perils of copy/pasting things is that sometimes bits get cut off by mistake!.