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Games I played since my last update:


    3 hours playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne
    The Walking Dead: Michonne

    🎁 7 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

  • Plantera

    🎁 18 hours playtime

    29 of 29 achievements

  • The Park
    The Park

    67 minutes playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    🎁 71 hours playtime

    35 of 59 achievements

  • Oxenfree

    8 hours playtime

    8 of 13 achievements

  • SOMA

    6 hours playtime

    5 of 10 achievements

It's been a little while since I felt like I'd accomplished enough to warrant an update post, and I've been struggling to bring myself to finish off games that I've got near completion (80%+). I guess I'm spoilt for choice at the moment with games, there are so many I want to play all at once and not enough hours in the day for them all .__. But I will get to them all as soon as I can! I have played and completed a few though since the last time, so here's a few thoughts on them.

INSIDE I waited so long for this to be released, ever since I played LIMBO probably a couple of years ago by now, and they kept pushing the release date further and further back, when I received this as a birthday gift in September, I had to play it right away. It was pretty short honestly, but it was so much fun to play through! I really enjoyed it and felt that it was totally worth the wait. Incredibly strange and bleak just like LIMBO, but with a weirder story and beautiful (mostly) greyscale artstyle... if you were a fan of LIMBO, I think you will love INSIDE.

The Walking Dead: Michonne: I can see why they labelled it as a 'mini series'. I enjoyed playing it as much as any other Telltale game, aside from the fact that it was only around 4-5 hours worth of gameplay, quite a bit less than I'm used to from Telltale games. It didn't feel like they gave me enough time with the characters to actually care about any of them other than Michonne herself. The other characters could've all had their faces mauled by walkers at the end of the game and I don't think it would've made me feel anything. I still think it was a fun game though, and as well made as ever, so maybe I'm being a bit too harsh :p

Plantera was nice. Relatively easy to complete compared to a lot of other clicker / autonomous games I've played, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as some of the others out there set goals that are practically (or actually are) impossible to obtain.

The Park was incredibly disappointing, imo. I was expecting to be spooked at least a bit by it, and played it for Halloween, but everything felt too predictable, and the entire game is over after roughly an hour. It's not a terrible game by any means, as it feels like the developers tried to put the time in making the atmosphere creepy, and perhaps for people who are less familiar with horror games it might be great, but for me it just wasn't good Maybe it was my own fault for expecting too much going into it, though.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is amazing. I really love this game, and fully intend to try and 100% it, but it's gonna take a while. The fights against big monsters feel epic (especially Ur-Dragon :o), climbing all over them chipping away at their health with your trusty pawns helping out (or quite often, needing you to go pick them up off the ground). It seems like a mashup of Dark Souls / Skyrim / Shadow of the Colossus, and the pawn system is actually a really nice addition. If you like Adventure/Fantasy RPGs, you should love this.

Oxenfree is my first gift to myself for halloween, and while not as scary as I expected, definitely has a great creepy atmosphere to it throughout. Going to go for the 100% on this one very soon, as it seems pretty easy to obtain, and I'm interested in how different it feels to take the different conversation choices :D

SOMA is my second halloween gift to myself, and it is amazing so far. This is another one I waited quite a while for as I had a lot of fun with Amnesia in the past, and since this is by the same devs I was really hopeful for a well made horror/atmospheric game, and so far, it has delivered. I really appreciate horror games that don't rely on mindless jumpscares every 30 seconds, which has become far too common these days, and instead build suspense and make you feel uneasy in your surroundings and wondering what's around the next corner, without blasting a screeching violin chord into your ears at 150 decibels and launching an enemy directly to your face.

I need to figure out a prettier layout for these :P That's all for now. \o/


I really like your layout! It puts mine to shame because I don’t even know how to link my games like that. I tried but I ended up posting a screenshot instead! xD

Also that’s a great variety of games played! TWD: Michonne and Oxenfree are the next games on my to play list! :D

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Oh, I don’t know! It looks like you can do the same thing as me, looking at your Oct 31st post :D Honestly, I barely know what I’m doing with html, especially when I see what some of the wizards on here are capable of ^_^ Those are both good games, I hope you enjoy them when you play :D


I know right?! Those wizards are in a league of their own! :D


So Inside can be finished so quickly? I’ll give it a try sooner than later then ;) Thanks for nice layout indeed. Yes.

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I must admit that, since I couldn’t get and play it as soon as it was released, I had already seen around the first 15minutes of a letsplay (I really couldn’t resist seeing what it was like ;_;), so I did come into the beginning of the game with an idea of what was going on, maybe that made things a little easier getting started? I’m not too sure, but either way it should be pretty short no matter what. I hope you like it as much as I did, yes! ;D


I loved SOMA when I recently completed it.
Like you said it doesn’t rely on jumpscares and delivers a great story.
This is one of the only games where I really bother to read files that can be found.

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Completed it lastnight here and loved it too. The last couple of hours of the game felt like the devs really kicked it up a notch, it was pretty crazy (but it might just have been me, different things scare different people I suppose :D) so I might have missed some documents around there, but I did try to get as much as I could haha :D


Grats with all the progress!
I’m seeing the time played for Inside and its price tag seems too much. At 3 hours it might as well be a movie. Do you recommend it at that price?

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I think it’s worth it, but I know it’s quite a bit of money for something so short and I might be biased, so maybe hold out for Christmas and see if it gets any discount, perhaps :D I waited so long for it and loved it when I got it that my opinion may be skewed… Don’t trust me!

If it makes any difference too, Astats has the average playtime / time to 100% listed at 4.5hrs. Barely any different, but might help :P


Ah, well… I usually take longer than the astats average… so that’s definitely a plus. :)
Thank you. :)


Cool games there and nice progress :) I’m myself interested in 5/7 titles from there and have SOMA/Dragon’s Dogma on my list waiting to playthrough. Sounds like INSIDE is good one which is nice to hear, been pondering about Michonne myself, but will wait it to be bundled or low price before getting :)

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Michonne was 75% off in the halloween sale, so you might see it really cheap at Christmas too, or even in some bundles between now and then perhaps :D

SOMA is great, I just completed it lastnight and it was amazing. It’s gonna be one of those games, where in the future I’m going to wish I could forget it completely to experience it again ^^


I presume Michonne will be shortly in monthly or some other bundle :)

I installed SOMA and maybe go after it next or Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, but i think i will play it on my current patch. I enjoyed Penumbras from same Devs, but never got interested in Amnesia. Nice to hear it was cool, pretty sure that will enjoy it :)

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I did enjoy Penumbra & Amnesia, but I would put SOMA above both of them, for what it’s worth :3 Either way I’m sure you’ll have fun :D


I managed to get lucky and win michonne, plan on playing threw it after i get back from a convention im going to this weekend ^ ^ Thanks for summarizing the shortness so im prepared for it, so nothing to dissapoint me! buhahaha