I have been so busy with work, I’ve barely had time to do much….

This month I managed to finish Zero Escape: Nonary Games 100% achievements, and I moved onto Zero Time Dilemma which was suggested as one of the games I should play, I am trying to play it but man, I’m so busy at the minute I’ve barely scratched the surface. However I’d call finishing two large puzzle VN’s this month with all routes a small victory.

I’ve won a lot….far more than I should have won…they will get prioritised after I’ve done Zero Time Dilemma(I will uphold the challenge, even if its late!)

What hasn’t helped is Persona 5 and the PS4 has taken up 99% of my free gaming time.

Other than that, I have also started Divinity Original Sin with Jaye. :)


Looking forward to an updated review for the Nonary Games, I’d like to know what you think about it after completing them

Lil Wee Wee

The best Jake who ever Jaked.