I have been so busy with work, I’ve barely had time to do much….

This month I managed to finish Zero Escape: Nonary Games 100% achievements, and I moved onto Zero Time Dilemma which was suggested as one of the games I should play, I am trying to play it but man, I’m so busy at the minute I’ve barely scratched the surface. However I’d call finishing two large puzzle VN’s this month with all routes a small victory.

I’ve won a lot….far more than I should have won…they will get prioritised after I’ve done Zero Time Dilemma(I will uphold the challenge, even if its late!)

What hasn’t helped is Persona 5 and the PS4 has taken up 99% of my free gaming time.

Other than that, I have also started Divinity Original Sin with Jaye. :)


Looking forward to an updated review for the Nonary Games, I’d like to know what you think about it after completing them


The best Jake who ever Jaked.