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Me and Jaye(AshenOne) have started a new twitch channel, anyone who wants to come watch us play games is more than welcome. You can find the channel in my profile if you ever lose this post! She’ll be streaming Overwatch soon so get on over to our channel! :)


Not much progress to report in terms of finishing Steam games but there has been progress to report overall…

Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Well I’ll start by telling you about a game I actually finished first, what a great experience this was. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good, I absolutely loved the way they had the live action episodes in-between each chapter. It must have cost them a fortune to hire that kind of cast, get the production quality so high, whilst also making such a good game. I thought the game was just the right length, the story was just the right quality and graphically it was pretty. I definitely had a leg up by coming into it with middling expectations, I’m surprised I’ve not heard more people giving this more praise. I’d love to see AAA games like this in the future with live action/as much effort being put into it as this did. I also enjoyed the various Alan Wake references. However my FAVOURITE part was the emails from one worker giving his Screenplay of “Time Knife” which was legitimately the funniest thing I think I’ve read in a long time in a game, for those interested, here it is time knife.


Started the remastered version of a game I loved as a child, only started it tonight but its got all the nostalgia I was hoping for. I replayed this game to death back in the day, loved every second of it. A lot of the plot I can’t remember at all which is great, took a little while to get used to the graphics/wonky 90’s/00’s controls but once I did I’m having a blast. This will be 100%’d this weekend.

Third Eye Crime

Third Eye Crime
I’m torn on what to say about this, I love the noir style, the story is ok. It’s just so horribly obviously a mobile game that shouldn’t be on steam. It needs touchscreen as at times it feels unplayable without it. There is a serious lack of guides as well for those who are looking to 100%. I’m on chapter 6 and so far have got perfects on every level, 2 chapters to go. To be honest I’ll be glad to see the back of this one as its become a bit of a chore to play. Still its got its charm and I will finish it.

World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy
Interesting one, as this game was so good that it’s also the reason I have very little steam game progress to report(you’ll see why in a second). It is jam packed with references to ALL the Final Fantasy games, It’s basically final fantasy pokemon with Final Fantasy VII, X, VIII backgrounds and you name it. The story is actually surprisingly strong considering its a spin off, its got all the charm of final fantasy. The graphics are chibi/cutesy and the main characters look like they have been directly ripped from Kingdom Hearts. I honestly can’t speak highly enough for this game. I’d have finished it already but….


Pokemon Sun, Ultra Moon, Detective Pikachu
…yeah. So it reminded me of Pokemon that much that I decided to give Sun and Moon another shot. Not only did I finish Sun, I bought Ultra Moon, I’m half way through that. I also bred a lot of competitive pokemon, went shiny hunting, went 6 IV Ditto hunting, been watching a host of Pokemon youtube and am super hyped for the Switch version now. I’ve bought a lot of Pokemon merch as well, went back and rewatched the original series with Jaye, played a bit of Detective Pikachu. Got my card collection out…basically Pokemon has kinda taken over all gaming recently and I don’t care a bit! I fucking love Pokemon. Check out some of the stuff I’ve bought(not arrived yet…)



Danganronpa V3

Score 6/10

Ok so I love Danganronpa, I baulked at the price when it first came out but then I picked it up in the sale after adhering to my new “buying” rule of only buying something I’ll play soon or immediately and looking for something to install before buying. I was loving this game, I wish I could come here and tell you that it is the best of the entire series, and that’s what I nearly did. However the ending is awful. I’d heard bad things about the ending, I ignored it, its Danganronpa and I absolutely love the games. The gameplay, the story, the graphics, the sound, the minigames…surely an ending couldn’t spoil my fun. Even on the run up to the ending I was thinking “what’s the fuss about”. The IT happened. I don’t want to delve into it too deeply as I don’t want spoilers, but long story short it fully ruined not only the experience of this game, but the other games passed as well. Gameplay wise, its a major improvement, I loved everything about it. The story was excellent, full of incredible twists and turns the first cases conclusion was SO good, it instantly hooked me with its huge twist of both gameplay and story. Then its almost as if they did a big fuck you to the fans and ruined everything. The game gets by on above average because its not bad per se, its just spoiled by its weak ending. To compound my anger, the game crashed after the ending finished whilst saving which basically corrupted one save file(I multi-save so its not un-salvagable), meaning if I did want to do the post game content although the ending means its kind of pointless right? I’d have to do the last trial again.

I know I said no spoilers but read on at your own peril, its big problem with the ending is breaking the 4th wall is GREAT when used in moderation, however having it as an entire conceit is lazy and just akin to “it was alllll a dream” in terms of story writing.

With that out the way, I can never keep up with what I finish, but here’s a brief list of what I remember.

Silent Age

Score 6/10

I’d finished this previously on my mobile, not much to say here, its an ok point and click. Easy to 100%, short as anything(think it took an hour to finish). Its got a semi-decent plot about time travel. I could have taken it or leave it, its not breaking any new ground, graphics are a bit meh, sound is quite good without excelling. It’s pretty much the definition of average. I’d say play it, but only if there’s nothing else to play.


Score 3/10

Short, easy to 100% with a guide, multi play throughs required unless you are creative with save files. It’s not very good, the story was meh, the graphics were bad(and I like pixel graphics, the gameplay was lifeless. It was a chore to finish. Don’t play unless you have to.

Planet Coaster

Score 9/10

So this game has dominated my life in terms of learning the game, playing the game, creating content, watching youtube videos, making workshop items. THIS is how you make a game. Tiny touches that make a big difference are littered throughout the game. The customisation is incredible. The gameplay is one of those where if you don’t watch the clock you’ll have played 8 hours without realising. I love it, I’m going to sink a lot more hours into it. Got my first 3 green rated coaster the other day. Currently making a Pokemon themed park in career mode. I’ll be posting screenshots to steam for those interested. If you have any interest in building games or sims or rollercoaster games, THIS is the game you need to buy. You can even forego building a theme park and just make stuff, its so enjoyable and has been the perfect foil for Danganronpa. You can import music, you can create pretty much anything you can imagine, the graphics fit the game brilliantly. The ONLY thing that knocks a point off the score is the controls CAN get a bit cumbersome before you learn them which may put impatient people off. Its good to just jump in without knowing how to play and both mastering the game. You could play it for 20 hours and be done or 1,000 hours and still barely have scratched the surface. <3 from me, and a huge recommendation to play.

An example of how much effort and how good the game can be and let YOU be is this particular coaster which recreates the Death Star fight! Even has the music….

other news

Tried to play Marvel:UA with Jaye, I loved playing it back in the day and it was such a shame its such a poorly optimised port, her controller didn’t work so we had to can it.
Lords of the Waterdeep is my boardgame fix for a spare 30 minutes, I keep knocking off achievements in this but they have started to dry up.
Tabletop Sim love it, need to learn more of it, big into boardgames. Looking for someone to help with the “Light Show” achievement, if you’re interested comment below!
100% OJ tried to work on getting my 100% back in this game because DLC keeps taking it back down, but after finishing the new campaign on easy I realised that I should have been doing it on medium, my impatience got the better of me and I NEVER play games on easy so I got annoyed and shelved it for a bit.
Plague Inc 99% achievements….Super Sparrow is impossible I’ve decided…defeated for now until its nerfed or I just decide to go for it again.

Progress Report

So I’ve all but given up on Plague Inc. I’m at 99% and have 1 achievement to get but its so damn hard I can’t even get the first part of it. For those who know the game I’m talking about Super Sparrow. I can’t get the Islands to get infected so I’m sulking.

Other games I’m playing include Divinity OS 2 with Jaye, D&D Lords of Waterdeep(nice quick gaming fix for a spare hour or so), Danganronpa V3 and Fate:Extella.

I finished a lot of stuff but as per usual time dictates I can’t write updates.


Here are my super awesome late New Years gaming resolutions

  1. 100 complete games. I came into the year with like 89 already on 95. Should have this done and much more achieveable than the 50 I set last year.
  2. Badge level 75. Coz why not right?
  3. 100% at least 1 “difficult” game. I’d like to show off something that isnt a usual 100% that most people have like my NepNep or Batman. Plague Inc would be good.
  4. Follow my new sale buying rule. So I’m going to post this next sale but here is the idea. Every time I add an item to my cart I look at my library for an unplayed game to install. Last sale it stopped me buying lots of games and I ended up playing Bayonetta instead which I loved. Instead of getting 20-30 new big games I got only Danganronpa. I know only buy things I know I’ll play soon. The good sales will come around again and I can manage my backlog more and feel less bad about picking a game to play.
  5. Play more wins. I dont enter GA’s any more because I just was adding stuff without playing. Similarly I dont get bundles unless I am going to play immediately. This with number 4 has really helped slow down game acquisitions. So many great wins I haven’t played still because backlog.
  6. Finish Persona 5 on PS4, Fire Emblem on DS and Quantum Break on PC. One for each console.
  7. START CLANNAD FFS! 2 years running still haven’t played it.
  8. Increase 100% percentage to 60. Currently at 53%.
  9. No more LoL. I realised I don’t enjoy it any more and it kills time and makes me angry. If I do play limit it to ARAM only.
  10. Re-visit at least 1 old game that I liked to get more achievements or replay the story or DLC.

I’ll be happy with 5/10 of those as there are some tough asks on there.

In other media i’d like to finish the Witcher books, watch more Netflix(Altered Carbon is great), finish the Manga for Attack on Titan that I own, collect more Legendary Marvel board game expansions(Xmen one next).

Thats it for now sorry its not fancy but meh writing on mobile is hard. Peace!

98% of achievements on Plague Inc and losing the will to live…

Send help!

I never have time to post stuff but I’ve been using my little free time to fight some backlog so still haven’t posted my New Year goals yet!

I beat…

Western Press - very fun combo/typing western gunfighting game. Can’t 100% because multiplayer is dead which is a shame! Anyone who can help hit me up!

Event[0] - Surprisingly good considering I had literally 0 expectations. Short and sweet 100% which is about being stuck in space with a crazy AI made in the 80’s. Its got good references to 2000: A space Oddessy and Blade Runner.

Mechanarium - great art work, had this puzzle/point and click installed for like 4 years but never played it. 100% now, great game recommended for point and clickers out there.

Halcyon 6 - loved this. Its like FTL, JRPG and Xcom had a weird baby who has a dry sense of humour. Only criticsm is I ended up a little OP with the set up I made making the game a matter of time rather than difficulty. Highly recommended to anyone who likes space and turn based stuff.

Costume Quest - a solid 3 out of 5. Not great not awful. Not much to say on it truth be told.

Aside from those beatens I made progress on Bayonetta, Dawn of War 3, D&D Lords of Waterdeep(loving that) and played a lot of board games(addicted to star realms currently)

Again I’ll try and do a better fancy post as and when i have time to do it.

Looking back at 2017

Just a quick check back of last years resolutions and how well I did in following them.

  1. I set a goal of 100 perfect games, I came close at 91 which is a small win as I was perhaps over optimistic saying 100 when I started with 57 perfects. Fail
  2. I never set a “list” or forced myself to play a specific win which meant I played more wins and finally got around to playing through The Witcher 3! Success
  3. I didn’t write many but I did write “more” reviews. Partial Success
  4. I went back and finished quite a few games I had started previously and never finished which brought my ACR up. Success
  5. I got to level 61 on steam for profile showcases, I wanted 50/60. Big Success
  6. I started a couple of games I enjoyed but stopped playing them. Resolution was to not start and drop anything I enjoyed. Huuuuge failure
  7. I didn’t play Clannad, still not ready to cry. ;-;

I’ll do a fancier post on my PC not phone as Jayes off to visit family tomorrow so I’ll be all alone. Before I sign off…

Personal 2017 game awards.

GOTY: The Witcher 3, loved it so glad I finally played it.
Surprise of the Year: Nonary Games, I was hyped for it but wasn’t expecting to love it so much.
Disappointment of the year: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Pretty game, love the concept of AA, dripping in lore, soooo shallow on gameplay I expected more, not bad just not good.
WTF of the year: Rubbing cards to level them up in Monster Monpiece.
Gameplay of the Year: Divinity Original Sin. Never had so much fun multiplayer!
Kawaii: Lil Eat! I don’t think I’ve ever said “awww” as much.
Fave Gift/Win: Orwell gifted to me by Keo, such a me game!
Underappreciated: Sexy Brutale, its criminal I don’t hear more about this marvellous experience!

I have been so busy with work, I’ve barely had time to do much….

This month I managed to finish Zero Escape: Nonary Games 100% achievements, and I moved onto Zero Time Dilemma which was suggested as one of the games I should play, I am trying to play it but man, I’m so busy at the minute I’ve barely scratched the surface. However I’d call finishing two large puzzle VN’s this month with all routes a small victory.

I’ve won a lot….far more than I should have won…they will get prioritised after I’ve done Zero Time Dilemma(I will uphold the challenge, even if its late!)

What hasn’t helped is Persona 5 and the PS4 has taken up 99% of my free gaming time.

Other than that, I have also started Divinity Original Sin with Jaye. :)

I tend to be too busy to write up huge lengthy posts. It’s also been some time since my last post so I don’t know for sure what I have and haven’t mentioned.

I’ve finished a lot of things, off the top of my head the 100% list includes.

Hexcells 1-3
Higurashi 2-4
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist
100% OJ(again…dlc is a bitch)
Danganronpa 2
Slash It 2
Super Blue Fighter
Phantom Breaker
Shan gui
Hell Girls
Pony Island
Telltale Batman

There’s probably a lot more…games I have finished but not 100% achievements.

Attack on Titan
Civ 6
Hotline Miami
Binding of Isaac:Rebirth(49% now….170+ cheevos or something)
Nitroplus Blasters

Games I’m currently playing but haven’t finished…

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games(been hyped for this for months)
Cook Serve Delicious
X-Com 2

Games I’m looking to start in the next week or so…

Papo & Yo in an effort to play something from my wins on SG backlog suggested on the forum.

Tyranny/Dishonored 2, really excited to play them but games like this need to be played off skype and i skype a lot so i’m waiting for a good time.

Dead Age, I think I can skype and play that.

Any suggestions for a game I can play whilst being on skype from my wins would be appreciated, just fire away in the comments.

Another short post as a precursor to a decent post. 100%’d a bunch of games that I’d like to give a proper update, as well as finishing The Witcher 2(as mentioned in my previous post).

Everyone is giving their gaming resolutions for the year, so I thought I’d throw mine into the mix.

  1. Everyone seems to be saying they’ll play wins. I struggle like all hell to force myself to do that, its not that I won’t play my wins, its that if I force myself to play a certain game I find I really end up thinking of it poorly as its “stopping” me play what I want to play. So my first resolution is not to make a list of games to prioritise, I’m best when I play things on a whim when my mood suits it. I end up getting more done as a result.
  2. Importantly, for the above to work, I stick to whatever game I start so I don’t just start 50 games and never finish anything.
  3. Although it sort of breaks the first rule, I’m giving myself 365 days to do this and I’ve already made a decent start. Go back and finish the games I have 1 or 2 achievements in to bring my completion rate up. Far too many games lie in my library with 1 achievement from when I tried it out years back then dropped.
  4. Go back and replay games where I didn’t get many achievements in. I never used to care about achievements, as a result I have 40/50 games which I’ve completed with only 30% of the achievements. With an extra 5/6 hours in those games I could probably 100% them.
  5. Get to 100 games perfected. Currently at 57.
  6. Play less Football Manager so I can play more other things. I’ve done pretty well on reducing my FM hours towards the end of 2016, which saw me play so much more. I love FM, I’m still going to top 1,000 hours each year, however I need to not make it my default game to play. Half the reason my library is full of unplayed games is FM.
  7. Review more games. I love writing reviews, I love reading comments on my reviews, I need to write more.
  8. Don’t feel forced to 100% achievements a game that is grindy just because its a AAA.
  9. Get to level 50/60 on steam.
  10. Read Clannad…I can’t put off crying forever.
1243 games (+6 not categorized yet)
72% never played
10% unfinished
8% beaten
10% completed
0% won't play