Danganronpa V3

Score 6/10

Ok so I love Danganronpa, I baulked at the price when it first came out but then I picked it up in the sale after adhering to my new “buying” rule of only buying something I’ll play soon or immediately and looking for something to install before buying. I was loving this game, I wish I could come here and tell you that it is the best of the entire series, and that’s what I nearly did. However the ending is awful. I’d heard bad things about the ending, I ignored it, its Danganronpa and I absolutely love the games. The gameplay, the story, the graphics, the sound, the minigames…surely an ending couldn’t spoil my fun. Even on the run up to the ending I was thinking “what’s the fuss about”. The IT happened. I don’t want to delve into it too deeply as I don’t want spoilers, but long story short it fully ruined not only the experience of this game, but the other games passed as well. Gameplay wise, its a major improvement, I loved everything about it. The story was excellent, full of incredible twists and turns the first cases conclusion was SO good, it instantly hooked me with its huge twist of both gameplay and story. Then its almost as if they did a big fuck you to the fans and ruined everything. The game gets by on above average because its not bad per se, its just spoiled by its weak ending. To compound my anger, the game crashed after the ending finished whilst saving which basically corrupted one save file(I multi-save so its not un-salvagable), meaning if I did want to do the post game content although the ending means its kind of pointless right? I’d have to do the last trial again.

I know I said no spoilers but read on at your own peril, its big problem with the ending is breaking the 4th wall is GREAT when used in moderation, however having it as an entire conceit is lazy and just akin to “it was alllll a dream” in terms of story writing.

With that out the way, I can never keep up with what I finish, but here’s a brief list of what I remember.

Silent Age

Score 6/10

I’d finished this previously on my mobile, not much to say here, its an ok point and click. Easy to 100%, short as anything(think it took an hour to finish). Its got a semi-decent plot about time travel. I could have taken it or leave it, its not breaking any new ground, graphics are a bit meh, sound is quite good without excelling. It’s pretty much the definition of average. I’d say play it, but only if there’s nothing else to play.


Score 3/10

Short, easy to 100% with a guide, multi play throughs required unless you are creative with save files. It’s not very good, the story was meh, the graphics were bad(and I like pixel graphics, the gameplay was lifeless. It was a chore to finish. Don’t play unless you have to.

Planet Coaster

Score 9/10

So this game has dominated my life in terms of learning the game, playing the game, creating content, watching youtube videos, making workshop items. THIS is how you make a game. Tiny touches that make a big difference are littered throughout the game. The customisation is incredible. The gameplay is one of those where if you don’t watch the clock you’ll have played 8 hours without realising. I love it, I’m going to sink a lot more hours into it. Got my first 3 green rated coaster the other day. Currently making a Pokemon themed park in career mode. I’ll be posting screenshots to steam for those interested. If you have any interest in building games or sims or rollercoaster games, THIS is the game you need to buy. You can even forego building a theme park and just make stuff, its so enjoyable and has been the perfect foil for Danganronpa. You can import music, you can create pretty much anything you can imagine, the graphics fit the game brilliantly. The ONLY thing that knocks a point off the score is the controls CAN get a bit cumbersome before you learn them which may put impatient people off. Its good to just jump in without knowing how to play and both mastering the game. You could play it for 20 hours and be done or 1,000 hours and still barely have scratched the surface. <3 from me, and a huge recommendation to play.

An example of how much effort and how good the game can be and let YOU be is this particular coaster which recreates the Death Star fight! Even has the music….

other news

Tried to play Marvel:UA with Jaye, I loved playing it back in the day and it was such a shame its such a poorly optimised port, her controller didn’t work so we had to can it.
Lords of the Waterdeep is my boardgame fix for a spare 30 minutes, I keep knocking off achievements in this but they have started to dry up.
Tabletop Sim love it, need to learn more of it, big into boardgames. Looking for someone to help with the “Light Show” achievement, if you’re interested comment below!
100% OJ tried to work on getting my 100% back in this game because DLC keeps taking it back down, but after finishing the new campaign on easy I realised that I should have been doing it on medium, my impatience got the better of me and I NEVER play games on easy so I got annoyed and shelved it for a bit.
Plague Inc 99% achievements….Super Sparrow is impossible I’ve decided…defeated for now until its nerfed or I just decide to go for it again.


Your description of Planet Coaster is exactly why I haven’t yet played Planet Coaster… and really really really want to….
(I sank a lot of time into the first RCT back in the day, as well as Disney’s Coaster before that where I recreated Magic Mountain’s Viper, and made animated roller coaster tiles and started on a replica of Disneyland in SimCity 2000…)


Oh its honestly incredible, people have done some insane things check this out….1:54

In fact I’m going to add it to the main post!


That Planet Coaster video is really great indeed. One day, I’ll also succumb to Planet Coaster but for now, I’m still resisting until I clear (hopefully) some more games first xD


Give in…honestly though, it will consume your life!


Wow, I am so very sold on Planet Coaster now! I was completely in the dark about how much can be done with the game. I thought it was a simple park constructor and even then I was pretty interested in it. Knowing that I can make things like the Star Wars video (well, attempt to anyway :P ) has moved it straight up my priority list.

Congrats on the progress and thank you for the update that’s sparked my interest in two wishlisted titles more so than they already had :D


Oh thanks for that, makes me feel like the updates are worthwhile! :)

Believe you me, you can create some crazy things, a lot of people have just foregone the entire park creation and just made crazy things. From….

Disneyland recreations….

To coasters like the Star Wars one, here’s a Portal coaster.


I wish I could come here and tell you that it is the best of the entire series, and that’s what I nearly did. However the ending is awful.

An ending ruining a $60, 30h, last-in-series game? Could they f-up any worse than that? T_T


Short answer no.

In all honesty, it’s not just ruined the series, it’s ruined the games before it as well. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking to be truthful.