I never have time to post stuff but I’ve been using my little free time to fight some backlog so still haven’t posted my New Year goals yet!

I beat…

Western Press - very fun combo/typing western gunfighting game. Can’t 100% because multiplayer is dead which is a shame! Anyone who can help hit me up!

Event[0] - Surprisingly good considering I had literally 0 expectations. Short and sweet 100% which is about being stuck in space with a crazy AI made in the 80’s. Its got good references to 2000: A space Oddessy and Blade Runner.

Mechanarium - great art work, had this puzzle/point and click installed for like 4 years but never played it. 100% now, great game recommended for point and clickers out there.

Halcyon 6 - loved this. Its like FTL, JRPG and Xcom had a weird baby who has a dry sense of humour. Only criticsm is I ended up a little OP with the set up I made making the game a matter of time rather than difficulty. Highly recommended to anyone who likes space and turn based stuff.

Costume Quest - a solid 3 out of 5. Not great not awful. Not much to say on it truth be told.

Aside from those beatens I made progress on Bayonetta, Dawn of War 3, D&D Lords of Waterdeep(loving that) and played a lot of board games(addicted to star realms currently)

Again I’ll try and do a better fancy post as and when i have time to do it.


Event[0] looks nice…need to clear it off the backlog.

Mechanarium is such a classic…I should replay it now that they’ve added achievements. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of the puzzle solutions.

I really enjoyed Costume Quest (both of them)! It helped that I was playing them with my small children.

Thanks for the update!


Yeah it’s a great little concept, I was surprised by just how much it seemed to understand. And the way it responded differently depending on how good your ‘relationship’ was with the AI was also a nice touch.


I just hate it when I come to play a game that looks good only to find it has multiplayer shoehorned in with achievements tied to it and you just know you’ll never finish it as a result.
But congrats on the other progress, I also enjoyed Mechanarium and Event[0], great showcases for indie games and what they can do.


Great games you have finished, thank you for the short review of Halcyon 6. It looks very interesting, but I wasn’t sure what to think of it…


Hey, sorry for the off-topic post: But I know that you ahre/have been active on Astats. There is a game whose achievements are not shown on Astats. Is there normally some kind of automatic detection or have games to be reported so that there achievements are added?


When you log in it should auto update your recent cheevos. If not, go to the game itself and click “update” and it’ll manually update.

There is sometimes a delay.


Heh, okay. I phrased it wrong :P I meant the game has achievements on Steam but no achievements are shown for any user because according to Astats the game has no achievements at all. It is not a syncing issues. Just like Astats has not noticed there are some at all. I always thought it would be an automated process but apparently it has to be done by hand.


Not too sure on that one, I’d contact support over at astats.


Backlog > posts, so you’re fine in that department :)