Progress Report

So I’ve all but given up on Plague Inc. I’m at 99% and have 1 achievement to get but its so damn hard I can’t even get the first part of it. For those who know the game I’m talking about Super Sparrow. I can’t get the Islands to get infected so I’m sulking.

Other games I’m playing include Divinity OS 2 with Jaye, D&D Lords of Waterdeep(nice quick gaming fix for a spare hour or so), Danganronpa V3 and Fate:Extella.

I finished a lot of stuff but as per usual time dictates I can’t write updates.


Here are my super awesome late New Years gaming resolutions

  1. 100 complete games. I came into the year with like 89 already on 95. Should have this done and much more achieveable than the 50 I set last year.
  2. Badge level 75. Coz why not right?
  3. 100% at least 1 “difficult” game. I’d like to show off something that isnt a usual 100% that most people have like my NepNep or Batman. Plague Inc would be good.
  4. Follow my new sale buying rule. So I’m going to post this next sale but here is the idea. Every time I add an item to my cart I look at my library for an unplayed game to install. Last sale it stopped me buying lots of games and I ended up playing Bayonetta instead which I loved. Instead of getting 20-30 new big games I got only Danganronpa. I know only buy things I know I’ll play soon. The good sales will come around again and I can manage my backlog more and feel less bad about picking a game to play.
  5. Play more wins. I dont enter GA’s any more because I just was adding stuff without playing. Similarly I dont get bundles unless I am going to play immediately. This with number 4 has really helped slow down game acquisitions. So many great wins I haven’t played still because backlog.
  6. Finish Persona 5 on PS4, Fire Emblem on DS and Quantum Break on PC. One for each console.
  7. START CLANNAD FFS! 2 years running still haven’t played it.
  8. Increase 100% percentage to 60. Currently at 53%.
  9. No more LoL. I realised I don’t enjoy it any more and it kills time and makes me angry. If I do play limit it to ARAM only.
  10. Re-visit at least 1 old game that I liked to get more achievements or replay the story or DLC.

I’ll be happy with 5/10 of those as there are some tough asks on there.

In other media i’d like to finish the Witcher books, watch more Netflix(Altered Carbon is great), finish the Manga for Attack on Titan that I own, collect more Legendary Marvel board game expansions(Xmen one next).

Thats it for now sorry its not fancy but meh writing on mobile is hard. Peace!


Sounds like a good plan!

If you’d like more things to watch on Netflix, I’d recommend (at least the San Junipero, USS McCallister, and Black Museum episodes of) Black Mirror. The first season of the Good Place is on there, and I watched all of it in one sitting with my girlfriend and we loved it. We’re watching the second season right now for Valentine’s c:

Yes! Start CLANNAD! It’s so long so just pick it up and read it every once in a while. It’s something to read while snacking or something.

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

I am right there with you with the Witcher series, I finished Sword of Destiny last month and hoping to read the other 3 I got in the next month or so.

Best of luck with your resolutions and Plague Inc! You progress is impressive, that game is damn hard o.o

Fallen Kal

Yeah, the no boats one is probably the worst achievement in the entire game, solely because nothing else can infect islands (excluding special diseases that have different skills). On the brights sight there are a few diseases that don’t require those cursed boats, so you could finish those first to make you feel better. Otherwise it’s like I said before you have to abuse the save/load files to make sure the islands get infected fast enough by the few boats that are there.


I know what you mean with point 8. But it just sounds wrong :P What kind of difficult to complete game are you thinking of? Something skill based like Crypt of the Necrodancer, something time heavy like Vermintide, something grind heavy like Borderlands? Or a mixture? There are different types to consider. Regarding point 10 and also point 3 you have some interesting games in your unfinished folder.


Sounds like some great goals, good luck!!

I hope you’re able to 100% Plague Inc. without too much frustration. I’ve been thinking the same recently of trying to 100% some harder games more. I do miss the satisfaction that comes with completing really hard games. The last one I really got into completing that I can think of was Super Meat Boy on the xbox, getting A+ on every level. I struggle with getting frustrated with games if I spend too long on achievements and it’s not worth it, but if you love the game it can be a lot of fun and rewarding.

I love #4, seems like a great way to stay being excited and not lose track of your games. Have fun tackling your backlog, hope there’s a lot of hidden gems.


my super awesome late New Years gaming resolutions

you should have said they were for the Chinese New Year, you would have been right on time :3