I tend to be too busy to write up huge lengthy posts. It’s also been some time since my last post so I don’t know for sure what I have and haven’t mentioned.

I’ve finished a lot of things, off the top of my head the 100% list includes.

Hexcells 1-3
Higurashi 2-4
Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist
100% OJ(again…dlc is a bitch)
Danganronpa 2
Slash It 2
Super Blue Fighter
Phantom Breaker
Shan gui
Hell Girls
Pony Island
Telltale Batman

There’s probably a lot more…games I have finished but not 100% achievements.

Attack on Titan
Civ 6
Hotline Miami
Binding of Isaac:Rebirth(49% now….170+ cheevos or something)
Nitroplus Blasters

Games I’m currently playing but haven’t finished…

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games(been hyped for this for months)
Cook Serve Delicious
X-Com 2

Games I’m looking to start in the next week or so…

Papo & Yo in an effort to play something from my wins on SG backlog suggested on the forum.

Tyranny/Dishonored 2, really excited to play them but games like this need to be played off skype and i skype a lot so i’m waiting for a good time.

Dead Age, I think I can skype and play that.

Any suggestions for a game I can play whilst being on skype from my wins would be appreciated, just fire away in the comments.

Fallen Kal

Why not Portal? It’s an amazing game, funny story, fairly simple puzzles and you won’t die easily while not paying attention. Also what’s the difference for you while playing on Skype?

Lil Wee Wee

Ally and I skype every day so we look for games without story to play! I have terrible internet so we can’t play co-op or multiplayer! He loves playing Isaac on skype because its easy to jump into and not give much thought to! In the past I’ve played Rocket League, For Honor, Attack on Titan (seen the show so story wasn’t a big deal), Jotun, Goat Simulator, LA Noire to get achievements, Lara Croft GO, Volume etc. Basically anything thats multiplayer, not story driven, not much reading involved (for example something like Pillars of Eternity) or whatever…

Fallen Kal

That’s what I assumed, unless he also skyped with other people. Oh yeah, that makes sense, AoT is a perfect game for that I think I could kill titans with my eyes closed near the end. Most of the games I recognize do have a story in them since that’s the kind of games I prefer, so I guess I would only be good at recommending what games not to play :p


I finished Portal on xbox so its not high on priority of things to finish right now but i love it and will re-visit it.

Also the skype thing, what Jaye said.

Fallen Kal

Ah I didn’t know that, I absolutely love Portal, probably should play it again myself :D Ah well, as I told Jaye (I’m assuming that’s her name since you always call her that and not just something you made up :p) Most of the games I recognize are story rich since those are the kind of games I prefer, but I think Serious Sam, Orcs Must Die and Cities: Skyline might apply, though I haven’t played them myself.


Thanks for your suggestions! I loved OMD2 but i found it much more enjoyable as a multiplayer experience.


You accidentally created 2 almost same posts, btw.
But anyway congrats with your backlog assassinations!
And what about suggestions… Well LEGO Batman 3 at least fits month theme.


Thats what you get for trying to edit the post on your phone. Thanks for the heads up and suggestion!

Lil Wee Wee

You suck at making backlog posts :/


I do! ;-;


How was Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy? Loved playing as a kid, it definitely had me intrigued. Haven’t heard anything since the release though.


Its grindy but addictive, multiplayer is brutal.