10 April 2023 | S23E4

Half-Life 2

Need to Know

22.8 hours
10 of 10 achievements

This game is ok - but just ok. It has a great concept for those who like political/dystopian/investigative games, like myself. Nonetheless, the game falls rather short considering there really are no choices you can make (technically, there are, but these choices just mean the game is over before its real ending). I value choices in these types of games more than anything, however the developers really had just one type of character in mind; you can't be completely devoted to the Department, and you can't be a rebel either. Also, although day-to-day duties are interesting at first, later they become really boring, except for few meaningful investigations, so the developers could have made the game shorter without sacrificing anything, really. Still recommended for people who like these types of games, just don't expect too much.


Nice review! That’s a bummer that the choices don’t matter much. I agree that the choices are the most important part so I’ll probably wait for sale before picking this up. Good luck with your next game!