15 April 2023 | Bad ABC

Half-Life 2

Damned Nation Reborn

0.1 hours
1 of 6 achievements

Should have been removed from Steam ages ago (abandoned; 8 years in early access lol). Half of the stuff in-game has words written over it "under construction". What a joke.

Half-Life 2

Eaten Alive

0.2 hours
no achievements

Ok so you have no idea where to go, what to do and what's your purpose, at all (and this is a P&C adventure game we're talking about). Also, perma-death. Nope.

Half-Life 2

Face It - A game to fight inner demons

0.7 hours
11 of 16 achievements

Not a big fan of puzzle platformers so I won't finish this one. Controls are clunky af but otherwise it's playable and tries to send a nice message (yay for trying).

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Oh even when you do finish you dont technically finish eaten alive as it gives you the next goal but its not actually in the game to do just the end. Just explore for 10 hours before you realise that yep this was released unfinished


Fantastic. At least I didn’t spend much time on it.


Yeah you did not. I finally played it after years of winning it from the start of my sg days and the disappointment. I was already not looking forward to it but then learning its an unfinished game I was in shock. Just an hour wasted for absolutely nothing, 1hit ko is kinda a pain but like away from the starting area you kinda forget its a thing