Halo 4

48.2 hours, 137 of 700 achievements

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Yeah, it was a good conclusion to the series such as it is (I know Halo 5 exists). I can understand the release controversy over the story, since 343 took many pages from other games, and most notably, the story arc is being handled like Assassin's Creed. Overall, the Master Chief Collection is one of the great values in gaming and a quality collection through and through. Definitely had a great time playing back through the series this year.

….and, that wraps up the Master Chief Collection. Replacing this with Hades I think, for my next game.

Arbiter Libera

Got the MCC for myself couple of days ago. Seeing as you’ve played through the entire thing now - did you have any standout issues with it? Performance-wise or anything?


I don’t recall having any issues other than some audio glitches in Reach and maybe something similar that I don’t recall. Nothing really memorable from a negative standpoint.


Imagine getting every achievement in this game. I would die instantly.


Yeah. That would be insane for sure. How many years I wonder. ;)