Some recent assassinations from the Spooktober event. :)

Little Nightmares is fun and semi-creepy, with fantastic artwork and atmosphere. Lovers of LIMBO and INSIDE would be wise to check this one out, as it has somewhat of a similar feel and vibe, although with a darkly cute, almost claymation-like aesthetic. I wish it would have been longer because I really enjoyed my time with this one, and it left me wanting more. Perhaps I’ll look into the DLC someday.

I don’t watch thrillers since they typically don’t scare me (which defeats the point in watching them), and I wasn’t sure if I’d be equally unmoved when it came to video games, but there was a part in Among the Sleep that genuinely scared me and got my adrenaline pumping, which was a gaming first for me. (Although after the initial scare, I kept seeking it out rather than trying to avoid it. Hmm, what does that say about me?) This was short and fairly simple, but generally well-done. The graphics were nice and occasionally surreal, the controls were fitting for a toddler, and the underlying story concept caught me a little by surprise.

Dreaming Sarah was a bit… odd. I’m not familiar with Yume Nikki, the game that this one drew its inspiration from, but this felt like exploration without much direction, and a bit more backtracking than I would have liked. It wasn’t a bad game, and it kept me entertained for a while, but there was one area that I wouldn’t even have found without finally consulting a walkthrough, and the ending felt rather abrupt and unrewarding.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Little’s DLC, hope you end up enjoying it just as much. :) I’ve only played an hour of the game, but the end spooked me more than I was expecting. haha I don’t wanna die. ;_;

I didn’t know Dreaming Sarah was similar to Yume Nikki, that makes a lot of sense tho based on what you said. Very much an explore without any real sense of direction and super vague clues, there’s no way I’d play it without a guide (but it’s so obscure pretty much use a guide for everything). It’s one of those games where I see how a very specific kind of person would get satisfaction spending an insane amount of hours to discover secrets/beat it, but definitely not for me.


Aww, you’ll be ok! Just be stealthy and try to stay hidden. And if that fails, run those little feet as fast as you can, or else you’ll get caught!… and yeah, you’ll die. :P

The world that you explore in Dreaming Sarah is pretty small, and even with me getting “stuck”, I finished the game in two and a half hours, but obscure would be a fitting way to describe this one as well, and it just felt disjointed to me. I’m aware that it’s supposed to be dreamlike, but you wander around through illogical dimensions, gathering seemingly random items to progress through the game, and it finally concludes with a single static image with the words “The End” at the bottom. I wouldn’t describe it as bad, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it since it felt like the gaming equivalent of eating a rice cake… mildly entertaining for the moment, but it ultimately leaves you feeling empty inside. :P


The next time I eat my peanut butter & rice cake I’ll be sure to think “hmm mildly entertaining”. :P

If you don’t mind a minor spoiler for Yume, there’s this room that has a 1/64 chance for a lil secret scene to occur (you don’t know that at the time) and you have to flick the lights on and off. If it doesn’t work, you have to exit the room. Then re-enter and switch the lights on and off, and repeat until you get lucky enough for it to trigger. That was the moment where I was like yep that’s this game in a nutshell and I’m done. haha Was expecting something a much more exciting reveal after that tediousness, but some people absolutely love that sorta thing so y’know. To each their own. :) Definitely dreamlike and seemingly very random when looking at each individual piece.

Happy Halloween! 👻


Wow. It’s hard for me to judge a game that I’ve never even played, but that sounds like terrible game design to me.

Happy Halloween, and enjoy your mildly entertaining rice cakes! :D


Just started Little Nightmares a couple hours ago. Does it get scarier later? I just finished the part with a deaf guy with long arms Even thought I loved the atmosphere and almost everything about this game, I was hoping that it would be a bit more scary, since I saved it for Halloween and all.


I thought it was excellent, and it has a creepy vibe to it where you constantly feel “unsafe”, but no, it’s not what I’d describe as scary by any means. :-/


Seems like a lot of people played Little Nightmares this month. I really loved it, it was creepy but not scary, which is my kind of horror game. I’m considering getting the DLCs too.

Played Among the Sleep last year, and i was really surprised that there was more than meet the eyes on the story too. I wasn’t expecting such a turn. I don’t know which parts got you scared, to me it was the part in the forest, when the mom is trying to catch you.


The Spooktober theme and the recent humble monthly bundle were the perfect combination for Little Nightmares, and I’m glad that so many got to enjoy it. :)

The jumpscare that sent a surge of adrenaline through me was when I was first exploring the house in the dark and suddenly saw the “Mom” in the living room. For whatever reason, jumpscares don’t get me when watching movies, but this one certainly did. :D I was also expecting Teddy to turn on me as some predictable plot twist, but instead the story showed how real-world problems can be nightmarish when interpreted through the eyes of a two-year-old.


I’m pretty insensitive to jump scares in movies too (and I watch A LOT of horror movies), but in games for some reason it’s a whole different deal. I think it’s because i’m more focused when I play. I was also expecting Teddy turning on us to be the plot twist since the very beginning of the game, I didn’t see the real plot twist coming til it actually was clearly hinted later in game.


What was the part in Among the Sleep that scared you? I had a couple, and it was thrilling! It’s a wonderful staple of the walking sim (+horror) genre, and the level design was so good. My favorite level ended up being the Closet.


The part that got me was when I was exploring the downstairs in the dark, listening to the creepy humming, and then seeing the “Mom” in the living room for the first time. Sure, it was a deliberate jumpscare, but it certainly got me tingling. :D