Skyrim Ready

Recently made some preparations to sync up a Skyrim (Special Edition) 100% to hit 20,000 achievements and 250 perfect games. Will be starting Skyrim this weekend, hopefully.

I’ve never actually played Skyrim before, but I’ve heard great things over the years, so I’m looking forward to it!

Blue Ϟ Lightning

good god each and every one of you high completionists are making me feel bad


Nothing wrong with finishing what you start ;)


Wow, impressive. Have fun in Skyrim. :) I don’t know what’s the status of it right now, but after re-launch I’ve heard that the SE didn’t support most of the mods. So if you were planning to use some, you might consider the regular one.


I’m not too worried about using mods pre-100%, but thanks for the heads up! Appreciate the kind comment~


Impressive stats! So you’re able to reach 20k achievements and 250 perfect games at the same time? That must be a satisfying moment. :D


Exactly! I’m excited, it will be the first time I’ve done something of the sort. Thanks!