WoW has a tight grip on me & group GA

Yeah, because it’s now possible to level like crazy during pre-expansion event I’m just going at it like crazy before it ends when Legion launches.

Other than that I played some Nightmare from the Deep 3 as I like Piratethemed games and I had started this a while back when I got a bundle with it. Liking it. Puzzles are becoming harder though.

And since I’m stuck with WoW for the time being (it usually winds down once I get to maxlvl in the new expansion) I have had Archi’s Steam Farm on to get all those card drops down! So my stats here when it comes to never played will probably look weird.

I have also been looking at my console backlog, which is not small by any means, and wonders if this group will be shifting towards all of gaming backlog, I have reported some none steam/PC stuff before and hope that’s ok! (like this post).

Lastly I have a group only giveaway up over on SG, Jack Keane, point & click adventure game for those interested -
I mostly share GA’s with this group but it was a while since I did group only here.!

Until next time!


I’m not sure how others feel about this but if you have a backlog, regardless of the platform you should document it on here, even if you can’t officially add the games on the site I and many others document a lot of gaming done on other clients like Uplay or Origin, and I’ve even seen a few posts on console games. :)


I include a mention of my GOG, Uplay & Origin games if I play them and my latest post mentioned Dwarf Fortress which is only available via direct download as far as I know

Baron Khazadson

Ah good ole DF…I have managed to avoid getting reenlisted/entangled so far since my last adventure.


Did leveling get even faster in WoW? Like faster than it is was in Warlords? Cause that was crazy fast… o_o


It’s still pretty fast :P

Baron Khazadson

I know about the grip of MMOs…Star Trek Online pulled me back in with the Agents of Yesterday expansion. Just too much fun not to experience the classic TOS era content familar and new. Good luck with the backlog:)


Yeah MMO’s takes your time,’s also fun! and good luck to you too!