Ori and the Blind Forest was my latest SG win and it was a truly special one indeed. It made me cry. It made me laugh. It made me rage and almost toss out my controller out of the window. It made me relax and let me enjoy the incredible beauty of this little masterpiece from an art style, gameplay music point of view. It was challenging, but never unfair. Emotinal, but never using cheap tricks in order to make you cry. And beautiful from every angle. It was a truly majestic title. I even almost got 100% map exploration. :D 97/98%

Oxenfree was given to me by an incredibly kind soul and it was a truly unique experience. I went into the game without much of an idea about the plot and I consider it to be a wise decission. It proved to be engaging, surprising and highly intriguing. I’m most likely going to 100% it this month, so I’ll write something more when that happens (already started my silent run). I^v^I

Thanks Monthly Theme for finally making me beat the game that served as an inspiration for my custom Steam URL. xD What can I say other than it’s an amazing p&c classic?
It’s intelligent, dark, creative, is free of the typical p&c ridiculousness and overall a great game.

Ah, Mankind Divided, how can you even mix “bland” with “eh, it’s OK, I guess” so perfectly? Adam’s as shallow as he was in Human Revolution, if not more, but he isn’t necessarily bad. The supporting characters are incredibly forgettable (except maybe Talos Rucker for me), the story feels rather rushed, pacifist was waaayyy too easy and I’m sure that I won’t remember a single situation (either story related or derived from my playstyle) from the game in a week. Also, I’m still annoyed how bosses were handled. I-v-I
I might come off as overly negative towards the game, but I simply feel that it’s made “correctly” and nothing more. Nothing memorable, nothing challenging, just “correct”.
But hey, at least it stopped ripping off MGS. :p

This one’s cheating, cause I forgot about it while making my October post. :p Oops. Anyway, it’s an incredibly beautiful and relaxing (as much as something that almost made me twist my wrist can be considered “relaxing”) game, even tho it’s very short (like “shorter than Journey” short) and kinda lacks replayability value other than trophies (which I’m not sure I gonna really bother with). I do find it impressive though that TGS manage to create some sort of story in a game, where you control a petal.


Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about how bland and boring Adam Jensen is (once I get over his hotness, there is nothing left). Human Revolution was a much more challenging and satisfying game than Mankind Divided and currently Square Enix is only focusing on Breach Mode just to get people to use in-game purchases.

Similar to what they did with Watch Dogs, Deus Ex also needs a protagonist change in my opinion. Or someone who actually puts emotion into the voice needs to voice act Adam but something definitely must be done.

I was so upset about Talos Rucker, he was my favourite character in that game.


Every following DX actually had a different protagonist. I simply can’t wrap my head around why did SE decide that they’re going to make the most lackluster voice in AAA gaming history their new mascot and put him in yet another game.


Great progress! I’m super happy everytime i see more people playing and enjoying oxenfree <3


Thanks :) It’s hard to not enjoy it. :3


I like Mankind Divided (especially how it looks)(and I also dislike MGS =3) in overall, but I admit I can’t remember how it ended D=

I wish I could make my friends hate me in Oxenfree, but this seems to be the hardest achievement for me =<


and I also dislike MGS =3

Blacklisted, reported and blocked. :p Honestly, I even hardly consider this an ending. Sure, it was a cutscene after the final fight that kinda served as a closing to the story (what was this game about again?), but is it sufficient to be called an ending?

I hate when games have chievs for being an ass towards other characters, but I guess I’ll have to survive that. :<


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