My first game 100% completed as a BLAEO:

  • Fallout Shelter
    Fallout Shelter

    69 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

I certainly can recommend this game for a time waster on the side, but i would highly recommend going for the Survival Mode as Normal Mode can have long stretches of nothing happen. Maybe start one Vault on Normal Mode, get comfortable and then make a new one on Survival Mode.

And since i got into the mood, next i will tackle Fallout 3. It’s a big one, one that i tackled a few years back and lost, now its time for a revanche… its time to kick it’s ass.

On a nonsteam related note, i am playing Fire Emblem Echoes and i am closing in on the End, so far it has been a wonderful simplified ride. While i miss certain aspects such as playable Axe Fighters, i certainly don’t miss the whole shipping aspect + kids and neither reclassing and releveling nonsense that the other 3DS games had.

Lucky Thirteen

Nice, congrats on 100%-ing the game and welcome to BLAEO! :)


Congrats on the 100% completion! =D


Congrats on your first 100% as an assassin (I’m even a bit jealous, I’m almost there but this is getting very grindy. How did you manage to get 20 legendary dwellers?)


Lots of Lunchboxes, i think i opened about 400. And there are also two Quests that give them.


Ok, that’s reassuring that’s the way i’m going to get there too. I’m only needing 5 more, 16 raiders attack and 39 more objectives (but I’ll be able to rush those by picking only ez ones if necessary, I have so many nuka quantum)