I decided to see how many games I have added on steam so far this year (thanks for showing franplants)

Games added in February:

Games added: 30
Games won: 6

Games completed: 3 of these, I cant remember how many else

I think this month were full of VERY good adds (I love Point’N’Click and romance)

So… Any recommendations?


I have quite a few of these in my backlog too!

Of course, I can’t say enough good things about Spiritfarer :D and Luna’s Fishing Garden is lovely, plus it can be finished in an evening or weekend. Yonder is nice as well, though I didn’t finish it (yet) and I think it does show its age a bit.


Yay I fought you would :) I,loved Spiritfarer for the switch, so I decided I also wanted it for the steam deck :)

Thanks for the other recommendations ^^