Update Two Hundred and Seventy-Two: 9 January 2019

Rose of Winter

10.2 hours playtime, ~2.5 hrs actual, 16 of 16 achievements


A short dating sim with a cute art style and a soundtrack made by toby fox, no less, Rose of Winter is a sugar-sweet but ultimately not very filling affair. I like the premise - you play a farmgirl-turned-mercenary who has to escort one of four princes across a dangerous mountain. Rosemary is big n tough n cute as a button, and she’s very charming as a protagonist. Her suitors are more hit and miss - the highlight is Crow, a caretaker for a child prince, and the lowlight is Falkner, a palm-sized fae who’s pretty dismissive and rude.

Unfortunately, as cute as some of the routes are, it’s just not long or deep enough to have any lasting impact - it’s also a little pricey for what it gives. I love love love playing a big girl in a dating sim - all of the princes mention her body as something they find attractive and appealing, which is fucking fantastic. There’s nothing explicit in this VN - whenever steamy shit happens there’s a cutaway - but what romance that’s there is pretty cute.

I had a little bit of reservation… buuuuut…. fuck it. The writing is nice and snappy, it doesn’t overstay its welcome, and everything is paced tightly. I would love to have more - but what we have is enough. The List needs new blood, and Rose of Winter is it. I’m adding it to the Visual Novel Masterlist.

… I have noticed these reviews in 2019 have been on the brief side, more often than usual. Unfortunately I just haven’t had a ton to say about these games, good bad or indifferent. I don’t want to belabor points or get to unnecessarily into details that ultimately don’t matter very much. It might just be a low point in the creative cycle - you get those every now and again. I’ve lost touch of my review principles - is it smart? is it stylish? is it a joy to play? - and after I get a good night’s sleep I’m going to bring them back into the forefront of my reviews.

Next up: Oh boy here we go

See you soon!


Not goroga?


Haven’t gotten a chance to dig into it yet! I try to alternate focus between VN + game-game.


I like the premise - you play a farmgirl-turned-mercenary who has to escort one of four princes across a dangerous mountain.

“Wait I’m missing something here. Whose fan, the princes’? Is that the kind of funny-because-absurd-shit that’s expected in a Dating Sim? … because I don’t get it at all, why would a … OOOOOH it says ‘farmgirl’, not ‘fangirl’”


PFFFT I’ve been there, mandrill.


Your reviews are still great– brief is fine, and I haven’t really noticed a difference. I mean, how much can you really say about a dating sim or a HOG, or something like Shiver? We still get plot summaries like, “You play a fucked up guy from a fucked up family who wants to kill his sister to secure his inheritance.” So who’s to complain? :D


Uuughhh, I knoooow, but I try to rule of thumb it to have text take up at least as much space as my header image n info bar. Most of the time I can do that no problem, just lately…

Ah, well. It can’t be so bad since I still have my Super Ultimate Cheerleader Trent c: