Hey everyone :)
As I told you I moved to the UK last month and I´m still getting used to it.
But I found the time to play (and even complete!) some games of my backlog (yay!) :)

Yesterday my roommate told me about “Outlast” a horror game he started playing a while ago and never finished ^^
Fortunately I had this game in my backlog, so we decided to start playing it from the beginning.

So we started yesterday and we did not stop until we finished it :D
It was a little bit crazy because in this game you have NO SINGLE WEAPON!
You only have a little camcorder with night vision.
Awesome game, I loved it but you shouldn´t play it alone if you are easily scared!

  • Outlast

    10 hours playtime

    6 of 14 achievements

Question to everybody: Are there similiar games to Outlast that you can recommend? (Maybe with weapons this time, because I reeeaaally wanted to shoot the bad guys :D)

Btw: Is this site for Steam games only? Because I also finished Infamous: Second Son on my PS4 and I gained 2 prestige levels in COD: BO3 :)
And I started the interactive movie game “Beyond Two Souls”

Edit: How can I add the picture and progress of Outlast to my post, like I saw it in other posts?


![ ] ( link link address) without the spaces.

You can report on other games too, any game progress in general… but for themes it will be Steam games only.

Outlast is a horror game I am not sure that there is a horror game with weapons, you get the tension from knowing that there isn’t anything you can do to defend yourself.
weapons kind of beat the purpose imo. Maybe try DOOM.


That was not exactly what I meant, but thanks anyways :)

Ok thanks for the suggestion, but I´ll try to play the games that I own, before buying new ones :D


I knew it’d be useful to save my comment for future use (:

This site uses a syntax similar to in Steamgifts: mini guide

For any image (e.g. Screenshots):

![](<image link>)

Replace <image link> with the direct link to your image, usually ending in .jpg, .png or .gif. In this case I used:

For the smaller ‘logo’s:


For the headers:


Replace <appid> with the relevant app id for the game. That can be found from the Steam store link (bolded in the following example). e.g. for Titan Souls

Those that come in a pretty box with playtime and achievements are done in html and slightly more complicated. Go to your game list and select the appropriate view (the right-most one), then view source and copy the <li>...</li> item to use it.
Note: you gotta add <ul class="games"> right before (all the <li>...</li> if you have multiple of them together), and </ul> right after for it to show up properly.


  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    91 hours playtime

    100 of 276 achievements


<ul class="games">
<li class="game-thumbnail game game-unfinished" data-item="axmqbj7">
    <div class="title">The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth</div>
    <a href="" target="_blank">
    <img alt="The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" src="">
    <div class="caption">
     <p>91 hours playtime</p>
    <p>100 of 276 achievements</p>

Awesome! Thank you very much that was exactly what I was looking for <3


About non-Steam games: You can of course tell about your progress in those, but the site won’t help you with that. There is a feature request for manually adding non-Steam games somewhere, but … that’s pretty far down the priority list, won’t happen anytime soon (if ever).

For horror games with weapons you could try Evil Within (although that seems to be one of the few games on Steam you don’t own ;). For the first half of the game, the tension was enough that I couldn’t play longer than an hour before I needed a break. Don’t know if the second half was less stressful or if I just got numb o_O


Oh ok, good to know^^
Would be a nice feature but I can live without it.

I already finished Evil Within on PS4 with my girlfriend, really nice game, had a lot of fun with it :)
My gf loves horror games and movies so I wasn´t allowed to stop every hour :D


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Awesome game… I remember when I played it and omg, it was scared D: but I still enjoyed a lot \o - Need to replay again because they added achievements after I have finished the game.
Hard to recommend a similar game but with weapons… maybe you already played (tried to load your library but was taking forever D:) you could check Dead Space 1, hmm, FEAR 1 is a good game, not similar, but has its scary moments… hm, Penumbra (any of them) is really good and, well, it doesn’t have weapons, but even so, you can use what you have to kill enemies :p


People love achievements :D
I don´t really care because the “collect all the stuff” part often takes longer than the game itself ^^
And you have to finish the game on “insane” difficulty :O

Thanks for your suggestions, started Alien: Isolation yesterday, but I will look at the games you told me :)
Penumbra looks really interesting!


Yeah, I’m one of those people :p I just like to get them… of course some achiev are boring, but some of them give me a good challenge and I love challenges \o
That insane difficulty was the main reason to me to leave it to another time

Alien is a great game, or at least people say so. Penumbra is really good and has great horror atmosphere, hope you enjoy it in case you decide to play \o


Shooter games with horror elements? I second Douglas’ recommendation of Dead Space, I also liked playing Alan Wake. I’ve heard a lot of good things of the Metro games (2033, Last Light), F.E.A.R. series and Alien: Isolation.

Hopefully you’ll tell us your thoughts about Beyond: Two Souls after you’ve played it. :)


Thanks for the suggestions, I started playing Alien: Isolation yesterday :D
I will take a second look on these games when I finished it! :)

Sure I will share my thoughts about it :)
Bought the remastered 2in1 pack of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, because I really enjoyed Until Dawn (especially because I watched Mr. Robot before I played the game and I really like the actor).


I liked them both. Heavy Rain was one of the first games that got me interested in these “interactive story” games, or whatever term describes them. :) I haven’t got Until Dawn as I don’t own a PS4, but have played a bit of it when my friend was doing a playthrough. That game has awesome graphics.


The main reason that I bought a PS4 are the exclusive titles, some are really awesome!


Outlast 2 is coming out soon and I imagine it will be very similar to its predecessor, so maybe that’s a good one to try when it comes out


I know, I´m really excited about it :)