7th raport.

This time I beat Bioshock: Infinite. Well, since I played Bioshock 1 & 2 I expected really nice game. But it exceed my expectation. This game is what I missed in previous games - a city in its full glory. I can see its inhabitants, open shops, shining buildings etc. I like also changes in mechanics - possibility of carrying only two kinds of weapon, no annoying hacking and vigor traps. Only thing I don’t like in this game is… ending. I don’t really like open endings, since I like to know whole story. Now I will play DLC and I wish those are as good as base game.

  • BioShock Infinite

    18 hours playtime

    32 of 80 achievements

Also small update for another game: Furi. Well, playing this game I learned that it isn’t kind of game I like. It is too hard for me, even on lower difficulty (yeah, I know that I’m peasant ;__;) and story isn’t interesting enough to keep playing. So I gave up it on 7th boss. Maybe someday I will beat it, but I doubt it since there are loads of good games waiting to play.

  • Furi

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 33 achievements


I massively underestimated the difficulty of Furi, I had fun playing it and stuck with the normal difficulty but I had to move on like you as I wasn’t getting anywhere after a lot of tries… and I agree with you about just playing something else instead if you’re not enjoying a game, it’s like all the games I haven’t 100%ed yet, that’s a challenge I can take on when I run out of the more interesting games in the backlog I want to play, such as Bioshock Infinite :P


I’m currently playing Furi and I’m actually liking it very much. I am on the verge of beating the 4th boss on furi difficulty and will keep playing :)

One boss every couple of days is good enough for me… it does gets tiresome to play for long sessions.


I played like that undertale, especially battle with Sans - few tries, getting frustrated, day off, start again. But I liked story much more than Furi’s story, so it was keeping me going.


I totally understand what you are saying.

Undertale has a nice story, a charming setup and it is full of heart… one can struggle with some parts but the experience is rewarding in spite of it.

Furi is mostly furious and frustrating gameplay. If you don’t enjoy that there is nothing to redeem it, unlike Undertale. Luckily I like it :)


Same here with Furi - though I liked it very much ; still stuck on the 3rd boss on normal difficulty :(