• DLC Quest

    2 hours playtime

    16 of 22 achievements

a quick little game making fun of already-ridiculous dlc practices, but actually presented as a reasonably fun game! you probably have a better chance of appreciating the jokes if you’re into gamer culture, which probably most of us here are. it only took me 2 hours to beat it, and if it was much longer it probably would have overstayed its welcome.

Murder is Meat

I finished part 1 and the bulk of part 2 some time ago, but never got interested enough to get the good ending for part 2. Maybe I should change that. Fell in love with the concept when I frist saw it showcased on an iOS showcase and was ecstatic to find it for PC some years later.


huh, didn’t know it was on mobile. the second ending of part 2 is worth finishing up, especially if you’ve already done the first ending a while ago. i didn’t go for all achievements here because 2 of them are speed run which is not my play style.