Faster progress report 4

Summer is here, less studies, just work in the summer. More time to play games.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition beaten

Replayed this version for the theme. I’ve beaten the GFWL & Xbox 360 normal versions several times before this one. I started this some time back but didn’t finish it, but now I did. I actually started over to see how long time it could take to beat it. 5 hours give or take. Love this game series<3

Alice: Madness Returns started

I started playing this game and have so far beaten chapter 1. Love the design of it. Recommend this.


Yeah I got sucked in to this also! But damn if it isn’t the most fun FPS multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Close to level 40 already since release.

Bayonetta 2

Recently bought this cheap (about 20€) for my Wii U and beaten a few levels, it’s just as awesome as I remember the first one to be. I even stream my play to Twitch as I own one of those Elgato devices! My voice is sadly absent though.

I will try to come up with a fancier look for my posts, not that good with this syntax though so can’t promise anything :P (help is appreciated)


the syntax is the same as on SG, but if you want something fancier, you may need to learn HTML first.


Html works? Then I can do something. As for same as sg, I’m not that active in the community there to use much of it :)


yes, mandrill has not deactivated HTML input yet.