Assassination #15

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

21.7 hours, no achievements

Hello, only 1 assassin’s creed left, installing now :p


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Side stories are nice.
  • Jack the Ripper DLC is a few years later from the main history and adds new mechanics and ways of playing.
  • Free run has improved a lot, it’s a lot more fluid comparing to the previous AC game.
  • Combat is really fun and has awesome animations.
  • 2 Main characters to play, with a fun personality.
  • The main enemy looks bad ass, i kinda liked him.
  • Zipline makes traveling a bit faster and help’s a lot on the larger streets on this game.
  • Really nice theme.


  • Carriages are a nice addition but i didn’t like to drive them, they felt a bit strange to drive.
  • Not a bad main history


  • Easy combat
  • Was expecting more for the ending, i liked the enemy character and was liking the history, but the ending was too fast without many interaction with the enemy.

I had fun playing this game and really liked the main characters, really good game on the series.
Now going to kill some people on Egypt, have gun!

Arbiter Libera

How would you compare it to Unity? I’ve heard many people call it that game’s lesser.


I preferred this one, the characters are funnier and gameplay is a bit improved from unity.