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Assassination Report | September 2020

5% (29/594)
8% (46/594)
18% (107/594)
66% (395/594)
3% (17/594)

Currently Playing

This month I finished Control’s main History, starting now on the expansions. For RDR2, not much progress on the main history but did a bunch of secondary stuff, love losing time on this game. Also played a bit of Tidalis, a game that i won on Steamgifts.


Half-Life 2

Nuclear Dawn

3.6 hours
9 of 58 achievements

Got this one on steamgifts, interesting concept but servers are dead, played a bit with bots but it gets boring after a bit.

Half-Life 2

The Ship

2.6 hours
no achievements

Another one from Steamgifts, played a bit but it's not my type of game.

New Games

Half-Life 2

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition - Remastered

9.2 hours
4 of 47 achievements

Started to learn electric guitar, this one helps in keeping the motivation.

Hello again!!

So I have been really busy the last 2 years so i haven’t been fighting my backlog, well now things are better so I’m back at it!
My plan for now is to finish some of the games i’m currently playing and then start playing my won games from steamgifts.

Games I’m currently playing

Red Dead Redemption 2

42.6 hours, 9 of 51 achievements


6.6 hours, 24 of 68 achievements

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

0 hours, no achievements

Baba Is You

0 hours, no achievements

Some of the best games I have played the last 2 Years

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

109.3 hours, 35 of 78 achievements

Hollow Knight

0 hours, no achievements


0 hours, no achievements

Assassination Report #1 | September 2018


Hey everyone!
I could finish some games this month after having been really busy on July and August with work and French lesson ( i can ask for croissant’s now!!!).
Finally finished all the Assassin’s Creed games just in time for Odyssey.

Games Beaten:

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

7.4 hours
13 of 14 achievements


  • Creepy atmosphere and an amazing history.
  • Graphics are good and they used motion capture for the characters.
  • The sound is amazing, they used binaural recording, the sound is really immersive and after playing it a bit it starts to feel that you really have the voices inside your head. Play this game with headphones.


  • The combat is a bit repetitive and puzzles aren't really challenging, but they fit the atmosphere and aren't the main focus of the game.


-Don't really have anything bad to say about this game.


Awesome game, I had an amazing experience playing it. A Masterpiece in my opinion.
The history pulls you in and Ninja Theory did a really good job in making this game immersive and with bringing mental illness into the game.
There is a little video documentary on the game that shows how it was done in terms of binaural audio and motion capture and all the research they've done about mental illness. I recommend that everyone watches it, it is interesting and help's understanding a bit mental illness and how they tried to bring it to the game.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin's Creed Origins

75.7 hours
47 of 67 achievements


  • Good graphics and atmosphere, even the desert zones look amazing, which makes exploring more interesting.
  • The level system made me more interested doing side quests and getting collectibles was less boring than previous games.
  • Discovery mode is awesome to learn more about the history of Ancient Egypt.


  • Combat is a lot different from previous games, it took me a bit to get used to it and i'm still bad at it.
  • Stealth doesn't feel as good as previous games, maybe because this one has more open zones and most of the times the only place you can hide is on bushes.


  • Game crashes for me in fullscreen mode after a few minutes.


It's a nice refreshment on the series, i like the direction they're going.
Hope odyssey has a discovery mode too and that they improve the combat and stealth.



4.4 hours
8 of 10 achievements


  • Great sound.
  • Nice cartoonish Graphics
  • Nice voice acting and funny dialogue between the 2 main characters.
  • Good history.


  • Game had some stuttering which is strange as i can play more demanding games without problems.
  • Restrictive movements, you can't really go off path.
  • Disappointing ending.


It's a nice short game with a good history but i didn't really liked the ending. You pass all the game talking with the other character and in the end you never see her.

Octopath Traveler (Switch)

Octopath Traveler (Switch)

75 hours
no achievements


  • Awesome visuals and music
  • Good combat system.


  • I think having 8 different histories makes them less interesting than having one big history.


  • Not much interaction between characters.
  • Can't change the first character you choose until you finish his history


It's a nice game for it's gameplay and the combat system is really good, but the histories aren't special in my opinion.
Finishing a fight with 4 characters and having a cutscene with only one character feels a bit strange for me.

Currently Playing:

  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    5.4 hours playtime

    8 of 34 achievements

  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    35 hours playtime

Assassination #15

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

21.7 hours, no achievements

Hello, only 1 assassin’s creed left, installing now :p


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Side stories are nice.
  • Jack the Ripper DLC is a few years later from the main history and adds new mechanics and ways of playing.
  • Free run has improved a lot, it’s a lot more fluid comparing to the previous AC game.
  • Combat is really fun and has awesome animations.
  • 2 Main characters to play, with a fun personality.
  • The main enemy looks bad ass, i kinda liked him.
  • Zipline makes traveling a bit faster and help’s a lot on the larger streets on this game.
  • Really nice theme.


  • Carriages are a nice addition but i didn’t like to drive them, they felt a bit strange to drive.
  • Not a bad main history


  • Easy combat
  • Was expecting more for the ending, i liked the enemy character and was liking the history, but the ending was too fast without many interaction with the enemy.

I had fun playing this game and really liked the main characters, really good game on the series.
Now going to kill some people on Egypt, have gun!

Assassination #14

Assassin's Creed Unity

34.1 hours, no achievements

Hello! I’m trying to finish the assassin’s creed’s before the new one releases, finished this one last week and already started Syndicate.


  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Fun side missions, really liked the riddle missions.
  • Good Stealth.
  • New parkour animations, free running looks nice and more fluid.
  • Fighting is harder in a good wa


  • The history was ok
  • Arno looked funny on the prologue but then got all serious during the history, probably my least favorite character on the series


  • The sound is awful, don’t know if it’s a problem with my setup but it sounded bad.
  • Despite the improved parkour animations, the character still gets stuck or does’t do what you want a lot of times.
  • They removed some nice things from previous games, like whistling and hiding bodies.

See you on the next assassination, Have fun!

Assassination #12 and #13 | Double Kill!


Hey! I completed 2 games on last week. One from my ABC Challenge. (List--Post) and one from Nintendo Switch.


Eufloria HD

18.3 hours, 8 of 20 achievements
Relaxing game!


This is a really simple and relaxing strategy game, in this game you control some seeds and use those seeds to fight enemy seeds and colonize other planets, your seeds can transform in trees and the trees give you more seeds over time.

The Story mode has 25 levels and you have different objectives, mostly conquering all the planets on the level, but sometimes you have to just survive for a certain time or conquer a certain planet. The story mode is really easy and relaxing so don't expect to have a big challenge completing the levels. The story isn't anything special and won't make you wanting to know more about it.

Graphics are simple and beautiful and the Sound is very relaxing, the game it's really well done on those aspects and i think it complements the easy gameplay making the game a very relaxing experience.


It's a good game to play if have other things to do at the same time or if you just want to relax a bit after an hard day.


Super Mario Odyssey



Story: Well, you are Mario and have to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, really original and innovative idea!!! But this time Princess Peach wasn't kidnapped alone, Bowser took Tiara with him too. Tiara is the sister of your companion on this adventure, Cappy, and ghost/hat that you can use to attack, jump and take control of your enemies.

The game looks like Super Mario 64 and you there are some nice 2D parts. Playing with separate joy-con controllers with it's HD rumble it's awesome, but you can play the game with other controllers and handheld mode it's really good to play on voyages.

I loved the ending and the ending credits and there is so much you can do after you complete the history, collecting all the moons, collecting all the costumes, playing mini-games, etc…


Awesome game, last Mario game i played was Mario 64, spent so many hours on that game when i was little, playing Odyssey made me remember those hours.

Assassination #11 | Raiding some Tombs

Hello everyone!
Another beaten game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

14.1 hours, 26 of 143 achievements



This game has a good history, nothing awesome and special but still good. It also shows us a bit of Lara's dark past between the recent events.


Gameplay is very good overall, killing everyone with Bow and Arrow is fun and hard sometimes in a good way, the guns are good but a bit hard to aim, except the shot gun, you don't need to aim with those. The puzzles make you think and use different techniques to solve them. You have 3 skill trees to choose from and you can upgrade your weapons with materials you get from the world. I hope they polish the grabbing and climbing for the next game, i died so many times from falling because Lara refused to grab into walls and ledges, and close combat is not the best too on this game.


The graphics on this game are amazing, from the green forests to the snowy mountains, everything is beautiful on this game. When i started playing, i thought this game would have a lot of boring snowy places, but i was so wrong, the most beautiful places on this game are the snowy mountains with ancient building carved onto the mountains. Cut scene graphics are really well done too. The game is well optimized too, compared to other games i played recently, like Mafia III that had a lot of problems.


Not much to say, only that the voice acting is great.


Nice game with beautiful graphics, i recommend it to everyone.

Assassination #10 | ABC Challenge

Hello Everyone!

One more kill on my ABC Challenge. ListPost

Darksiders II

28.3 hours, 33 of 50 achievements
Rating: 9/10



The story and atmosphere of this game is amazing. This is an action game, there is lot's of killing, but it adds some RPG elements, you have loot, different gear to equip, talents trees and it has some platform/puzzle elements. The puzzles in this game are really well done, they make you use different abilities to complete them and they are not really hard but still make you think about them. Combat is amazing, especially boss fights, you can make a lot of different combos and use different abilities.
On the bad side, Controls suck on this game, controlling Death on fast paced fights can be a bit hard and unpredictable sometimes, jumping on walls doesn't work sometimes and it's difficult to navigate and use itens on menus.


This is a 2012 game, i think the graphics are good for that year, they are colorful and the different worlds are beautiful, the background and sky-boxes are amazing, characters are well designed, especially bosses, they look badass. But again, menus suck.


Great soundtrack and nice voice dialogues.

I played the first version of this game, not the deathinitive version, you can’t get this version anymore on steam. this is an amazing game really worth playing.

Next game from the challenge
E - Eufloria HD

Assassination #9

Mafia III

40.0 hours of playtime, 39 of 85 achievements
Score: 7/10

Hello everyone!

One more game beaten, I loved Mafia I and really like Mafia II, i was really excited to play this game but got a little disappointed because it doesn’t feel like the previous games on the series.

History: For me it’s one of the best things on this game, it’s a bit different from the other Mafia games but it kept me playing and wanting to check what happens next, the characters are great and feel alive.

Gameplay: Combat and gun play are well done, the game has upgrades for the the weapon types. I have mixed feelings about the driving one this game, is well done for some parts but feels clunky in other’s. I got some bugs where i couldn’t speak with NPC’s to continue certain missions, but a game restart solved it. Now, what i think it’s one of the worse things on this game, the missions are so repetitive, you just do the same thing over and over again, sometimes you even go to the same places, i started the game taking my time in the missions, but halfway trough i switched to Rambo mode and just did most of the missions the fastest possible.

Graphics/Visuals: Characters on cinematics are awesome, really well done, the environment is really nice too. The reflections suck and there isn’t many graphic options on the game. The game was a bit blurry too, but i used a reshade that solved that problem. Performance isn’t the best too.

Sound/Music: The soundtrack on this game is amazing, and there’s some nice little details, like when you enter a tunnel the radio gets interference, gun sounds are really good too. The only thing I didn’t liked about the sound is driving sounds.

Sign of the Times DLC: This is the only DLC i got, still thinking if i should get the other’s, maybe ill get them on sale. This DLC adds a secondary story, it is a nice and creepy story, you get some extras too when you finish it.

Overall and despite being a little disappointed i still think it’s a good game for it’s history and soundtrack, but expect to get a bit bored on some missions. I think if this game had less missions or different ones it would be a lot better.

Assassination #8 | Dirt 3

DiRT 3 Complete Edition

23.2 hours of playtime, 22 of 60 achievements
Score: 9/10

Hello Everyone!

I got a Xbox one Controller and went to try a racing game, i never played many racing games, but had fun with this one!

Gameplay: This and older game i wasn’t expecting much in terms of physics, but the game has nice physics. The racing is fun and there is a nice variety of events, from Rally to Gymkhana. The car choices are really nice, from older cars, to buggies, to more modern rally cars.

Graphics/Visuals: The graphics are good, car bodies are well done, cars get dirty and collect snow while you’re driving, there is rain and water splashes on puddles. it’s a really nice looking game.

Sound/Music: Sound is good too, i think engine sounds are well done and there are some nice details like different sounds one snow or dirt.

Overall it’s a nice and fun game, i might come back to it and do some more achievs, but for now i think i’m gonna try GRID!

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