Assassination #11 | Raiding some Tombs

Hello everyone!
Another beaten game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

14.1 hours, 26 of 143 achievements



This game has a good history, nothing awesome and special but still good. It also shows us a bit of Lara's dark past between the recent events.


Gameplay is very good overall, killing everyone with Bow and Arrow is fun and hard sometimes in a good way, the guns are good but a bit hard to aim, except the shot gun, you don't need to aim with those. The puzzles make you think and use different techniques to solve them. You have 3 skill trees to choose from and you can upgrade your weapons with materials you get from the world. I hope they polish the grabbing and climbing for the next game, i died so many times from falling because Lara refused to grab into walls and ledges, and close combat is not the best too on this game.


The graphics on this game are amazing, from the green forests to the snowy mountains, everything is beautiful on this game. When i started playing, i thought this game would have a lot of boring snowy places, but i was so wrong, the most beautiful places on this game are the snowy mountains with ancient building carved onto the mountains. Cut scene graphics are really well done too. The game is well optimized too, compared to other games i played recently, like Mafia III that had a lot of problems.


Not much to say, only that the voice acting is great.


Nice game with beautiful graphics, i recommend it to everyone.


What RIG do you have? I wonder if it’d work fluidly on medium details on my i5 4590 and R9 280X.

Also nice that whole game can be beaten with bow. That’s why I liked TR2013 so much, I love stealthy approach of bow :D


I have an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, played with almost everything on max, almost always 60 fps, sometimes dropping to 45/50.

I haven’t passed everything with bow, used shotgun sometimes, mostly because melee combat sucks a bit. but yeah, awesome you can use the bow most of the times and play stealthy and there are different skills and arrows for the bow, which makes it even more interesting :p