• Lines

    27 hours hours playtime

    26 of 26 achievements

Report #285: Lines

Simplistic puzzles

Playing puzzle games once in a while. This one took me way longer than expected. The basic gameplay is filling lines with color. You have one or multiple dots, where your color starts flowing and depending on the level type different abilities to control the flow. You can spawn dots, cut lines, connect lines or create portals. You can even have an erase to remove an enemy dot. This leads to I think 500 levels and a level editor. Takes maybe 4-7 hours, depending on your skill

And then comes the achievements. You have to complete 25 daily challenges, which is okay. Basically you get 3-5 random selected levels. Failing a level means waiting for the next day. Actually took me around 35 days ;)

And then the massive achievement on reaching 10,000 meters drawn. This takes an insane long time. Found myself playing the same level I guess thousand times. Each time I was able to draw lines between 3 and 10 meters. Very hardcore grinding watching movies, series and documentations

But forget the grinding, overall a very cool and nice puzzle game


This is exactly why I stopped caring about achievement years ago. I used to enjoy them, but then you will have these ones for mindless grinding that achieve nothing in reality, and can’t bother anymore… :_(. Anyway, it seems an entertaining nice puzzle game :D