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UPDATE 11 January

I don’t have a whole lot to report as far as my game backlog. It’s been a week… with a nasty case of pink eye, night school classes started again, and so on.


  • Conan Exiles
    Conan Exiles

    159 hours playtime

    18 of 25 achievements

Only played a couple times in the past week, one of them on my own as my friend is away traveling. Knocked out a couple more cheeves alone last Monday but haven’t been online since. Have started prepping for the ‘beating the game’ quest though that is still a ways off from where I am right now.

In full disclosure I did briefly log onto a few games looking for screenshots for the ABC Challenge, but I don’t consider that actual play time.

Book-Game Project update:

I have reinstalled Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You but have not played it yet. I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished the book.

I am about halfway into the book 1984 though. Very easy to get into, and while it is obviously dated I am amused by how much Orwell did anticipate about the future. Telescreens = smarthome pods and Alexa? How cool is it that he conjured it up in 1949?

I did play another offline game this past weekend with three other people and we quite enjoyed it:


Co-operative card game based off of one of the old retro Choose Your Own Adventure books. While it has some additional gameplay mechanics in place such as varying levels of Danger and Psychic Awareness to manage and a smattering of luck via dice rolls to decide outcomes of actions (aided by bonus cards earned through Challenges), it still remained true to the idea of the book - it’s broken down into chapters, you read story cards and are allowed to make story choices as a group. They even kept the font and art style the same as the books.

I think we all enjoyed it and stayed engrossed by the winding story. Chocolate milk and cookies eaten during the session also were engrossing.

I’ll probably hop on Destiny 2 for a tiny bit tonight as it’s Xûr day again. Beyond that, I don’t have a solid weekend game plan at the moment. Just going with the flow.

Have a great week, my friends!