Beaten April 2019:

30.0 hours playtime


In a scale from 0 to 10, how much did you enjoy the game, how hard did you find it (does it have difficulty settings?). So far I saw two streamers playing it long ago and it was pretty fun, at least, to watch.


I’d scale it to 9. It’s pretty enjoyable and the writing is funny. It doesn’t have a difficulty setting but if you’re familiar with Rockstar games mechanic this one’s easier than the GTA games.


Did you play this on windows 10? I always ogle at it on sales but I’m scared it’s going to crash on me


I’ve played it on windows 7 64 bit. There’s a steam guide on how to play it on windows 10. Just make sure you’re fine with playing at 30 fps because running it at 60 causes problems.

Trilled Meow

This is my favorite Rockstar game. Did you like it?


Sure did. The writing is funny.